“We are already...already partners. We shall refer to each other as dear. I shall call you dear Hsiao-Yao, and you should call me dear Yue-Ru!”

        Lin Yue-Ru was born into a prominent family. Having been spoiled by her father, she was capricious and stubborn. Yet, Li Hsiao-Yao and his sword made sure this was not the case. She admired Li Hsiao-Yao’s just virtues and was therefore willing to search for Zhao Ling-Er by his side. Yue-Ru and Li Hsiao-Yao adventured across the martial world, dealing out justice. However, Yue-Ru could see that Ling-Er and Li Hsiao-Yao shared a relationship more than friends. Hence, she never told him what she felt and kept her confused feelings in her heart...

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