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        “Lisa, lie there.”

        “Don’t worry, baby. It’ll just take a minute. Mommy will cook you a nice meal afterwards. First listen to daddy.”

        A man in white coat yelled to a little girl. She crawled onto a metal bed. In confusion, she looked at the man as if asking what he would do to her. She was also curious about the people behind the man. On her side, a woman in white coat was soothing her. The man grabbed the girl’s arm and injected a bright blue liquid into it. Not long later, the girl felt drowsy and fell asleep.

        “She’s waking.” “Increase the anesthetic dosage. ”

        The girl heard the words in befuddlement and fell to her sleep again. When she became fully conscious, she found that her parents and their assistants were looking at her with joy. It was as if she was an art piece.

        “If Lisa can truly control the dragon’s power, we truly have succeeded.”

        “Come on, Lisa! Test out your new body!”

        The girl looked down at her body. Her original body, one of warmth, had become cold metal. She raised her head in fear. Her eyes turned to her parents, hoping to get a little comfort. However, her parents only said, “Show us your power!”

        Uneasiness surged from the girl’s heart. Suddenly, a voice rung in her mind: “If they want to see it, just show them.” The girl’s left eye shone with cyan light. The light condensed into blue dots in the air; they then merged together and synthesized two golden metal arms. The arms thrusted through her parents’ body, prompting screams from the assistants. Some fainted from the fear while some ran desperately to the exit...

        Just a moment later, the girl, frowning, walked out from the exit. Only a laboratory covered in crimson splatter and fragments of corpses remained...The girl had never smiled since then.

        “When nobody regards you as a person, you don’t need to be one.” — Lisa Bufano