Though Nezha was the son of a man, his mother was a celestial general. After Enochian Tower was struck, only few powerful Gods and Xian could traveled back and forth between their place of residence and the realm of men. Not powerful enough, Nezha’s mother was detained in the secular world. After the war between Gods and Demons, she hid herself in the realm of men to be away from the Demons. By sheer coincidence, she married a general of a human army. In order to shorten her lifespan so it could be as long as that of her lover, she asked for help from her clansmen. The Xian directed her pneuma into several artifacts and put a piece of ancient jade into her womb, telling her that the jade would drain off all her pneuma, making her a mortal. Three years later, she eventually gave birth to Nezha, the celestial child.

        Nezha was talented in sorcery and he bore a grudge against the Demons since birth, yet his talent was frightening. His father feared that he might lose control; his mother was the only one who tried her very best to start him off on the way he should go, but this did not stop the tragedy. A poem later wrote, “Though a misfortune could never be prevented, bear in mind that the balance of good and evil would never be dented.”

        It was mid-summer and the land was baking. Fire elements were roaming in the air, which Nezha was delighted breathing in. The ancient jade in his body was bouncing excitedly as it grew hotter. Nezha understood that it was torturing for others to stay beside him, so he volunteered to patrol outside. His mother knew that the jade within him was scorching, so she ordered her servants to accompany Nezha, but they could not stand the heat and needed to rest on their way. On his own, Nezha reached a river, where he engulfed elements as much as he pleased. The blazing jade inside him melted the Runestones. Exposing to the sweltering heat, the river began to boil. Creatures inside were scorched. The ocean troopers reported the suffering of the creatures to the Dragon King. Ao Guang ordered his subordinate to drive away Nezha. Annoyed by the troopers, Nezha accidentally killed them in the fight he provoked. Since then, the relationship between Nezha and Ao Guang became tense and even his parents were being affected. Nezha, who was hot-tempered and obstinate, committed suicide as compensation. The ancient jade returned to the Heavenly Kingdom after Nezha’s death. The owner of the jade made Nezha a body with lotus root and ordered him to refine himself on the mountains. The boy did as ordered, and was then separated from his family.

        Nezha, with his body made of lotus root, was trapped on Vulture Peak. The Celestial Divinity ordered that Nezha could leave only after he had refined his personality and resolved his hostility. Nezha was displeased with the decision. If the Xian treated him as a pest, why didn’t they just wipe him out so that all troubles would be solved? He would rather be killed than being trapped in an abbey. Yet it was Nezha who had committed all those deeds, there was no way he could convince anyone to let him out. On the other side, the Xian, Dipankara, had such giant strong arms that he could hardly fight. Later, together with the Hermit of Soaring Blazes, Nezha released the spiritual beast imprisoned in the abbey. Nezha, who attempted to anger Dipankara, was pleased. However, Dipankara only sighed, “It’s time.”

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