A village of farming was located on the highland. The population was scarce, but it was a self-sufficient place where the villagers could live peacefully. The villagers would gather in the center and sit in a circle downtown to listen to the speech of a certain man. The man had green hair and a pair of almond eyes, which were full of determination and kindness. A young panda was sleeping in his arms.
        ’Man is the master of his own destiny, not the other way round. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and difficulty. We fight against our destiny and better ourselves to search for the meaning of life.’ The man was giving a speech about fighting against destiny and escaping ordinary lives. He paused and continued, ‘You sweat buckets to farm and produce food. Why’d you give the fruit of your hard work to those official freeloaders? The system controls the people. We‘ve lost our pride, rights, and freedom.’
        The villagers were all ears, taking in every idea he said about destiny and dreams, things they stopped thinking about after puberty. They led peaceful lives farming every day, just like their ancestors, and handed all of their produce to the officials without thinking about the injustice of the system until the man’s speech enlightened them.
        A girl with blue long hair and a boy nervously ran to the man and shouted, ‘The soldiers...are heading to our village!’ ‘Everything’s gonna be okay,.’ the village chief stood up, ‘They came here for our food. Nothing bad will happen if we do as they say.’ ‘But we grow our food with patience and hard work! They don’t have the right to take it away for free!.’ The villagers could not let the officials exploit their efforts anymore after listening to Liu Bei’s speech. They intended to rise up against the government. However, the official army had the advantage of numbers and weapons, which had inflicted enormous pressure on the villagers. Liu Bei signalled the villagers to step back. He asked the girl and the boy, ‘Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, thanks for the hard work. How bad is the situation?’ She looked at Liu bei confidently, ‘I can take them out on my own.’
        Liu Bei pondered for the next move, and said, ‘Zhang Fei help me escort the villagers to safety. Guan Yu, attack the army.’ ‘Will do.’ Guan Yu lay her Green Dragon Crescent Blade on her shoulder and turned around. Zhang Fei seized her foot, ‘We have got to… fight...together..!’ Alright! Don’t drag me down!’ Zhang Fei wiped his tears and nodded.
        Liu Bei turned back to the village chief and asked, ‘Which place here has the best defense?’ ‘The ancestral shrine comes to mind.’ ‘Everyone, hide in the ancestral shrine now!’ Liu Bei directed the crowd to the shrine. When it was done, he reassured the villagers, ‘Stay calm. I’ll guard this door,’ 'He entrusted his panda to a villager. ‘Please take care of it for a while.’ He closed the door and drew his sword at the road to the shrine. Through the windows the villagers looked at his back in admiration, thinking he may lead them out of their lives of injustice.
         The clink of blades and groans of pain came from the battlefield. Liu Bei had faith in Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, but he still remained on full alert. Suddenly an injured soldier thrusted at Liu Bei, who retaliated without hesitation. However, the soldier could barely swing his sword, and fell down at the first blow from Liu Bei. Zhang Fei appeared near the shrine followed by Guan Yu. They had managed to protect the villagers from the army.
Liu Bei and Zhang Fei returned to a village full of corpses. A father blocked his son’s eyes from the gore, but Liu Bei stopped him, ‘This is reality. You’ve got to face it, or you’ll never achieve your dreams.’ A strange laughter came from the pile of corpses. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei raised their guard and walked towards it. A seriously injured soldier was laughing with his last breaths. ‘What’s so funny?’ Zhang Fei asked as he pointed his snake spear at the soldier’s neck. ‘So you think this...will grant y’all freedom?’ He sneered, and died before Zhang Fei’s spear could reach his throat. Fear swallowed the villagers. Liu Bei began to worry about what they should do next…

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