“Huifre, did you forget your responsibility?”

        Athena was glancing at Huifre and Abraham solemnly from a high position. She had seen this coming already when Huifre had never actually attacked Abraham; The moment when Huifre turned her whip into vines, she knew that Huifre would flee with Abraham.

        At first, Athena only let Huifre stall because of her cowardness in nature; Yet when Huifre missed the killing shot, Athena figured out the agenda of this “sinner”. Athena then took the initiative to launch the curse again when Huifre confessing at Abraham.

        “Athena! We’d rather kill ourselves than letting you curse us again!” Scowling at Athena, Abraham pulled Huifre closer to himself.

        “Not even death can pay off your sins!” Athena said. Huifre was frightened by the escalating energy sphere in Athena’s hand, but somehow she gained the courage from Abraham standing by her side. And the cowardly girl was now brave enough to go against Athena.

        “A-Athena! Is torturing lives with curse all you’ve got? Are you too scared for a face-off?” Huifre said with a forced smile, trying to make herself look more confident. Still, she was surprised by her bravery in defying Athena.

        “How dare you sinner challenge the mighty god!” When Athena frowned, her grim look turned vicious and the energy sphere rocked fiercer. Wielding her spear, Athena shot few elemental arrows at Huifre and Abraham.

        Huifre immediately conjured a tidal wave for defense, as she had seen that coming. Abraham wanted to grab this chance to flee with Huifre. Once they turned around, someone blocked their escape——Belial.

        “Are you trying to flee with a god? We’ve had a deal. Don’t you remember?” Belial confronted Abraham.

        “Now that with my curse lifted, I don’t need you anymore!”

        “And I saved you from Athena’s imprisonment and the curse! You ungrateful traitor! Everyone who saved gods is our enemy!”

        Belial casted an elemental sphere at Abraham and Huifre. Now the siblings were surrounded by threats from Belial and Athena. Just when they thought they were doomed, a shadow took the hit for them——The giant face swallowed Belial’s attack.

        “Did it just swallow my attack...What kind of monster is this!” Belial was shocked by the giant face’s intervention.

        Meanwhile the giant face opened its mouth at Abraham to show a space of endless void, as if sending them an invitation.

        “Once we get into Universal Dimension, nothing can break us apart anymore...only if brother can come in...I’d rather die with him than losing him again! Let’s bet on it!” Huifre thought as she was searching for a solution.

        “Get inside!”

        “Inside of this monster?” Abraham was puzzled.

        “It’s not a monster. It’s an entrance!”

        Abraham was still clueless about Huifre’s instructions, but Huifre got no time to explain in this grave situation. She grabbed his hand then leaped into the void.

        Right when the giant face closed its mouth, the huge tidal wave had fallen back to the sea; Belial fled the scene when the situation went sideways. Everything left for Athena was silence. Abraham and Huifre were nowhere to be found; Even the horrible giant face had vanished into thin air. She tried to call Huifre through telepathy, yet the message went into vain…

        “Huifre, do you know this place?” Abraham looked around in Universal Dimension, holding Huifre’s hand.

        Tiny things were all over the empty space, including arrows, slingshot, bamboo sticks, flowers, and etc... All the stuff was Abraham’s collections. Surprised by what he saw, Abraham looked at Huifre with his jaw dropped, realising that how little did he know.

        “Brother, everything that you collected or lost, I found them here,” said Huifre. Smiling at Abraham, she took off the grass rope on her neck to wear it on him. “Same for this grass rope. Don’t ever take it off again…”

        Abraham held Huifre’s hand tight, pressing his forehead against hers. This safe place reminded him the sufferings they had been through, the time when they were repelled by humans, gods and demons. If this was the stone-cold fact, then he would create their world, a world just for Huifre and himself.

        “Huifre, don’t ever leave me again…”

        And their lives once paused could finally go on...

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