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        In the dense forest, Lepus the bunny-eared girl was chased by a few demons.. She held a giant silver box of her size running through the woods, but her movements were awkward as if a toddler learning to walk.

        “Running with both feet is difficult, but I mustn’t lose this box!” Lepus held the silver box even tighter as she dodged the arrows launched by the demons from behind. But still, an arrow hit her shoulder.

        “Ugh!” Lepus was about to fall for the immense pain, but she gritted her teeth and bounced forward with her bunny legs. Soon, she lost the demons and fell as she reached a hidden cave.

        “Ugh...Ouch...Tut!” Blood gushed out of her wound as Lepus pulled the arrow out. Excessive bleeding gradually snatched away her consciousness. Her vision began to blur…

        “Alas, you hit your head again?” A blonde girl, Eostre, reached her hand to stroke Lepus’s face gently. Lepus felt relaxed and rubbed her head against Eostre’s hand as a gesture of delight.

        “Hehe, Lepus, you’re such a spoiled child.” Eostre said with a loving smile, “looks like you’ve got used to your immortal body. This way you’ll be with me forever, protecting the humans from the demons together.”

        Things changed after Eostre witnessed the gods’ true color. The Zodiacs and the Summoner declared war on the gods. As the Court of Virgo, Eostre was being hunted down by the gods. forcing her to leave the Holy City. Since then, she led a wandering life to avoid the gods.

        “Lepus, the gods’ desire is not so different from the humans and demons. And I loathed the demons for that. How ironic.” Eostre held Lepus close and stroked her gently, but with a face written with sorrow.

        “Why is she so sad? Is there anything I can do to cheer her up? I want to see her smile.” Unable to speak, Lepus leaned on Eostre, hoping her warmth could get to Eostre.

        The war between the Zodiacs and the gods intensified. Knowing that a few Zodiacs had gone missing, Eostre was very anxious. To help the Zodiacs, she decided to head to the demons to steal their weapon invented that could wipe out the gods.

        The plan went well at first. Eostre had managed to steal the weapon, but she alerted the demons when she was fleeing the scene! Dozens of demons came after her and Lepus’s friends sacrificed to protect their master. Lepus was the only surviving bunny around Eostre. They escaped the demons’ lair eventually, but Eostre was severely injured after all. She slumped before a tree at her last gasp. Lepus went over to check on her.

        “Sigh...I don’t want to leave this world. Fighting with the Zodiacs have been fun...I wish I could relive the good old days...but it’s not gonna happen.” Eostre placed her hand on Lepus and whispered, “I wish I could help them one last time. Lepus, please, bring this to the Zodiacs in the Enochian Tower.”

        Eostre’s body glowed and vanished into dots of light. As they drifted into Lepus’s body, Lepus grew bigger, and human limbs grew out of her furry body. Her face transformed into that of a young girl. She stared at nothing as Eostre had vanished, with tears swelled up in her round eyes .

        “Eostre, don’t worry, I’ll deliver this box to the Zodiacs,” said Lepus as she sprang up…

        “Eostre…” Lepus woke up from her dream of the past. She shook her head as her face covered in tears. She noticed the wounds on her shoulder had stopped bleeding. A dozen rabbits were dancing around her, overjoyed.

        “Did you all save me? Thank you.” The night was falling. Lepus left the cave quickly after waving goodbye to the rabbits. She held the silver box tight as she stared at the skyscraping Enochian Tower from afar.

        “Here I go!”

        Starlight of the Lepus twinkled in the clear sky.