In the past, Loki was the tribe’s think-tank for his knowledge. He and his daughter, who was cursed by the Demons, followed the army to the battlefields in search of a cure to the curse. But in an urgent retreat, Loki was separated from his daughter. When the scattered squads reunited, what the warriors brought him was the body of his daughter. Later, Odin acquired tremendous power from the Armor of Runes. Foreseeing his future, Odin decided to share his power with his companions. Loki was granted the elemental power of Darkness for being an important member of Odin’s brigade. As a test to Loki and the others, Odin asked them to create a servant to help them fend off the Demons. As requested, Loki created an enormous wolf. He secretly melted his daughter’s soul in it, so that he could keep her besides always. He stole and feed the wolf with Idun’s golden apple to grant the giant Beast longevity like himself. But the power of the giant wolf worried the Gods. They tried to tame it but all their efforts were in vain. No one could relieve its brutality: it remained loyal only to Loki. At the end, fearless Tyr killed it at the cost of his arm. However, the power of the golden apple turned its body into an even more fearsome beast. The Gods had no choice but to seal it inside Enochian Tower.

        After all the happenings, Loki snatched anger from within and created a serpent with it. The snake spat venom in the battlefield, reaping the lives of the good and the bad all at the same. The Gods questioned his intentions but Loki answered by asking them the reason they killed his giant wolf. He taunted the Gods for being arrogant after acquiring power, thinking that they could decide the fate of everything. Amidst the quarrel, the snake attacked the Gods under the influence of Loki’s emotion. Thor killed the serpent at the end but was also severely wounded. Loki seized the opportunity to escape from Odin’s brigade, spreading chaos in the realm of men. In the end, the Gods hunted Loki down and imprisoned him underground, forbidding him from leaving Dark Cove.

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