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        “Promise me. Kill me when I could no longer bear the pain.”

        “No, I can’t.” said Loki sternly.

        She said with disappointment, “It’s alright, dear...”

        “I may love myself more than you.” Loki could not tell her the idea inside his mind. He put his arms around his wife, so she could rest her head on his shoulder. She said as her tears dropped, “No matter what I become, I will sacrifice for you and love you always.”

        Loki would like to say something grateful, but his wife suddenly grasped him around his neck, strangling him. He endured the pain, until overwhelmed by the fear of dying from suffocation. He pushed his wife away and, in agony, gasped for air.

        “No, Loki! I, I was just -” His wife cried as she clenched her arms. Her hands grew pale as she gripped her arms harder, as if she’s trying to crush her scrawny body.

        “It’s al - ” Loki crawled on the ground, trying to get to his wife, but that short distance seemed to have taken him forever to reach. Yet still he crawled with all his might, only ended up blocking out in pain.

        Loki’s wife had been living in despair, the curse she had been put under rendered her emotion drastic and unpredictable. Soon after their daughter Hel was born, she committed suicide in Loki’s absence. Loki loved her. Even after she was no longer the same for being put under the curse, he had been trying his best to tolerate. After the death of his wife, their daughter Hel inherited the curse. If it hadn’t been for Idun’s timely rescue, Loki would have lost his mind long ago, long before her daughter was murdered by the Demons.

        Loki had been helping the army with his and his wife’s vast knowledge. However, since his daughter’s death on the battlefield, Loki resented Odin for failing to protect her. With the power of the Armor of Runes he retained his daughter’s soul, and this narrowly prevented him from falling out with Odin. At first, Odin thought the power of the ancient savant would awake Loki’s sense of responsibility, yet he never expected the power would nurture the chaos within Loki, bringing up all the pain and discontent in his heart to the surface. He rebelled against the Gods with the godly power he was bestowed, ending up with imprisonment in the cove. The sorrow and rage in his heart became tiresomeness towards the world as time passed. Loki’s arrogance flourished with his power as nutrient. He despised communicating with anyone and often mocked the Gods by his fickle behaviors. He became the dictator of all the souls that resided in the Dark Cove.