“Loki! Will this do you any good?”

        A stone pillar shattered beside a magic circle. The Dragon of Poison, awaken by the disturbance, started to struggle in the seal. Although Odin came immediately after informed by Gaelle, he was too late to stop Loki, who was more than well prepared and even awaited Odin’s arrival.

        “Certainly,” Loki said with a grin. “I finally have you yelling at me.”

        “Loki, no!”

        Loki destroyed the seal of the Dragon of Poison in front of Odin. Loki said joyfully, “Odin, keep in mind this sound of the horn of doom! It will become my crest, in memory of the moment I destroy you!”

        As Loki released the Dragon’s seal, Odin was forced to order his brigade to retreat, as a result the Demons were not driven back to the underworld. To prevent his efforts from being in vain, Odin could only resort to using the immense power of the Armor of Runes to seal the Dragon once again. His soul was then further eroded by the godly power and he finally descended into madness. Since then, Loki was imprisoned in the Dark Cove by the Gods. He was content, with a mocking grin always on his face, crowning himself the king of the cove. However, time wore away his exultation. His sadness and anger also faded as the time flew, resulting in his sloth and skittishness.

        In the past, Odin had asked the Gods to create beasts with their own emotions. By storing the emotions in the beasts, the humanities of the Gods could be preserved. When Odin’s will collapsed, those emotions preserved in the beasts returned to the Gods and at the very moment Gaelle blew the horn yet again and again. The feelings Loki embedded in his giant wolf and the love for his daughter had been restored. The long forgotten love overflowing became ultimate self-blame. All of a sudden, Loki realized what he had done. He found himself overwhelmed by his regret as he blamed himself for forgetting his loved ones in his life. He hated Odin for this retaliation, which was taken in the price of Odin’s soul. Upon the decease of the being on whom he had to avenge himself, indelible hatred flooded over Loki’s heart. In a fit of hysteria, he destroyed the relic his daughter left him. Since then Loki was haunted by his hatred, as well as tortured by an ineradicable pain, forever and ever.

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