“Don——Don!” A loud voice echoed in Heavenly Kingdom. Leaping over floating stones, a silver-haired boy soon came to the top of a mountain, but he looked tired and acted like an old man with his right hand rubbing the back. That little boy was Zhang Guolao, one of the Xian in the heaven.
        “I just took a nap and Don ran away,” Zhang Guolao heaved a sigh. “Donkeys in the realm of Humans are obedient, but mine is particularly naughty. I hope Don won’t get into any trouble——”
        Boom, boom——!
        Suddenly, two loud noises interrupted his murmur. Zhang Guolao turned around and saw a red-top, traditional yet elegant palace, as if a phoenix on the sky.
        “It seems like Taishang Laojun’s residence...Oh,my! Did Don just break into his house?” Zhang Guolao said with a frown. “Not good, I need to catch it quickly.”
        He sprinted towards the main entrance immediately. When he tried to pass through the wall to a main building, two figures, who were three times the height of Zhang Guolao, stood in front of him.
        “Stop!” An ox monster on the left, who wore a heavy armour with a golden ring on its nose, shouted.
        “Here is the residence of Taishang Laojun. You’re not allowed to go inside without permission!” A bronco monster on the right, who wore the same armour, despised him for his rudeness.
        Zhang Guolao waved his sleeves and said in an angry voice, “Humph! Even Taishang Laojun has respect for me! How dare you two underlings shout at me!”
        “Haha! Nonsense! Let me teach you some manners.”
        The ox monster waved his sledgehammer at Zhang Guolao——
        Bang! The ground shook; there was a sunken hole left beside him in the blink of an eye.
        “Hahaha! Are you afraid of my power now?”
        “Your strength is just so so and lacks flexibility. Oh! One more thing, you have too many unnecessary moves.”
        “What!? When did you climb on my head?” The ox monster was shocked, because it thought he should have been smashed by his sledgehammer.
        “Don’t be cocky!” The bronco monster swung its great ax right away; Zhang Guolao dodged it with a front flip by predicting its speed, and stood on the ax with single foot.
        “So, you’re an clumsy brute too?” Zhang Guolao shook his head with a smile. “Rookies, your skills leave much to be desired. Let me show you my power,” he continued.
        Zhang Guolao did a backflip to the eaves and conjured an eye-catching, golden drum. With a gentle tap on the surface, the ox monster stood at attention magically.
        “Wh-what’s wrong with me...” it said in astonishment.
        “Haha! This is Xian art.” Zhang Guolao wore a smile on his face. Then, he tapped on the drum again to make a different noise. This time, the bronco monster stood at attention instead.
        “Darn it! Why did I lose control?” Both of them tried hard to break free but did not avail.
        “Alright, here comes the finale.” Zhang Guolao closed his eyes and performed music with the drum; the ox and bronco were being controlled like a puppet. They crouched down, faced each other and showed an attack posture.
        “Stop, stop it!”
        They begged for mercy, but Zhang Guolao did not waver and kept tapping the drum——
        The ox and bronco charged at and crashed into each other. The impact had made them fall down and faint.
        “Humph! This is how you paid for showing no respect to an old man,” Zhang Guolao said with an angry glare. He put the drum away, jumped off the ground and walked to a study room. As soon as he got in, he was shocked by the chaos in front of him.
        “Did a tornado just whirl into the room? What a mess…”
        “Whine…” The cry of an animal came from the corner. Zhang Guolao found out that there was a hairy pet curling up.
        “Don?” The pet came out after listening his call. To his surprise, it was not his donkey, but a brown-haired dog with a piece of cloth wrapping its abdomen. The dog seemed to know he had done something wrong, so it kept bowing its head.
        “So you’re the one messing up everything here, Gao Yao.” Zhang Guolao gently petted its head and looked around. “Well, let’s clean it up,” he continued as he shook his head.
        Zhang Guolao rolled up his sleeves, stacked the books into neat piles and picked up the parchments scattered in the room. Suddenly, he was attracted by pieces of paper on the floor.
        “Oh! The pieces will blow away if I just leave them here, but where should I put them into...Got it! Into the scroll holder. That’ll do.”
        Zhang Guolao put the pieces into the holder and placed it on a cypress desk before he continued cleaning the room. Soon, the work had finished and he was satisfied with the result.
        “See? It’s neat and tidy now...Oh! It’s noon already. I must hurry to find my Don!” Zhang Guolao knew it was getting late, so he left after saying goodbye to Gao Yao. However, he was unaware that what he had done would result in a butterfly effect later...

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