Blazing flame was dancing on a forge, heating the air in this half-sealed place. A man Long Yangjun went naked, with his beautiful body pouring with sweat.

        The beauty of Long Yangjun lay in his well-proportioned burliness, without any superfluous flaws in his body. The balance between strength and fineness, together with perfect blend of femininity into masculinity, fascinated everyone who saw him.

        Clang! Clang! Clang!

        Long Yangjun hit the hot metal for couple times, heated it on the forge and repeated until he was satisfied with the quality. Then, he quenched the workpiece into water, heating the water into hot smoke with sizzling sound. Finally, he sharpened and polished the sword with a whetstone.

        “Long Yangjun, is it the peerless sword you’ve ever made?” A handsome man walked in and hugged him from behind. “What a masterpiece. Even a layman like me can tell this sword is incredible,” the man said respectfully as he looked at the sword.

        “Really?” Long Yangjun gripped the sword backhanded to sliced the back of his hand. A wound was cut open instantly and bled.

        The man was stunned by what he just saw. After a while in trance, he tore off his sleeve to bandage the wound. “Why did you hurt yourself,” he asked nervously.

        “I didn’t. It’s for testing the sword.” Long Yangjun raised the weapon while blood went all the way down along the blade. “Another failure?” he sighed.

        “Hmm? But isn’t it razor-sharp…,” the man was puzzled.

        Long Yangjun threw the sword away and gave a cold humph. “A sword without bloodlust and killer-instinct is simply useless.”

        “It’s okay. You have talents. I’m sure you’ll soon forge a perfect one.” The man held Long Yangjun’s hand, licking his wound. He did it so meticulous as if Long Yangjun was a delicate piece of art.

        Yet Long Yangjun felt nauseous rather than delighted to be treated like a valuable gem. “Stop treating me like a woman. I hate this meaningless body contact!”

        “I don’t want to be rude to you anymore. I don’t want you to get hurt. I just wanna treasure you,” the man said sincerely. But his love never reached Long Yangjun’s heart.

        “Enough!” Restlessness and disgust were getting intense in his heart. Being unable to take the emotion anymore, Long Yangjun put on a coat and left the man behind regardless of his shouts.

        “What is wrong with him, daydreaming about treating me gently... All I longed for is pain and abuse. Only these will fit the filthy me perfectly.” Long Yangjun blushed and breathed heavily just by having the masochistic thought, clutching the coat in his hand.

        “Oh...who can fill up my urge with deadly pain...Hmm, found it.” Long Yangjun’s eyes sparkled with excitement and licked his lips.

        A topless muscular man was carrying heavy goods in front of him. Long Yangjun was turned on when he exerted his strength and pumped his muscle. Catching his full attention, Long Yangjun approached the man quickly.

        “What a respectable man, working hard in this early time.”

        “, it’s not that big deal.” The burly man raised his head, looking at Long Yangjun’s delicate face with few inches away. As their encounter came as a surprise, the man could not help but step backward and breathe heavily with his heart racing. It was all because the beauty of Long Yangjun was gender-free.

        “Relax.” Long Yangjun’s smile had a seductive charm. Leaning on the man, he moved his index finger across his sweaty chest in a flirty way.

        “I’m not a fragile lady. You can be rough with me. If you want, I can do something that no girls can do with you.”

        “That...that’s not appropriate.” Although the man said so, he didn’t resist the skinship at all.

        Long Yangjun put his hand up to show a silver bracelet on his wrist, which was inlaid with high-quality resplendent gems. “As long as you can please me, this bracelet is yours.”

        “Really?” The man grabbed his wrist brutally, making Long Yangjun moan for pain. “I, I didn’t mean it,” he said as he let go of his hand.

        “No, you’re doing it right. Come along.” Long Yangjun pulled the man to a hidden alley and sat on a crate. Then he showed his silky-smooth shoulders, raising the man’s chin with a fingertip. “Hurt me. Wreck me. Do whatever you want. It’s all I need.”

        As the lust of the man was incited, he pounced on Long Yangjun like a beast. About to reach a sensation of pleasure, sudden trails of footsteps interrupted their journey to sensations…

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