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        Rahu grew up in a temple. His adopted father instilled a benevolent heart into him, telling him to be kind to friends and enemies alike. Hence he had always lived with this principle. When Rahu reached adulthood, he became a priest in the temple. However, his adopted father deemed him lacking in worldly experiences, so he asked Rahu to practice asceticism outside the temple.

        Soon after his departure, he ran into bandits by a stream in the mountain. Not a slight shred of fear appeared within him. He attempted to understand them, and realized that they had been forced into a life of crime. Therefore, he guided them back onto the right track. The bandits were touched by his universal loving kindness and hence, abandoned their reprehensible way of life.

        “True benevolence brings awakening.” He deeply believed this.

        Rahu journeyed through myriad countries and discovered that people in need numbers as many as there are stars in the sky. The benevolent Rahu constantly realized his principle by endeavoring to help those who require it.

        On his journey to the west, Rahu arrived at a small country. Gloominess and the musty stench of blood occupied every corner. No one can be seen on the streets: it looked like an abandoned city. Suddenly, aggressive pneuma blasted from the center of the city. Rahu turned only to see a peculiar purple creature floating in the air. The three-headed creature had six arms. It focused its three purple-glowing eyes on Rahu, leaving him trembling in fear despite his usual calm. The creature leapt straight at him, his intention to kill palpable; its hands grabbed him by the throat.

        “Abandon...evil...” Though in danger, Rahu still hoped to reform the creature.

        “Abandon evil? I’ve killed so many people but it’s the first time I’ve met someone as interesting as you! Torturing you should be fun!”

        The creature cracked into laughter. It broke Rahu’s limbs, prompting screams from the latter, blood showered all around. The creature was soaked with his blood; the screams and gore triggered an even wilder laugh from the creature. However, the creature’s hands trembled. It looked at its six arms in discontent.

        “So, this body has reached its limit, huh?” The creature murmured. It raised its head and glimpsed at Rahu, its sharp teeth shown when it grinned. It thrusted its many hands into Rahu’s wounds on his limbs; soon, Rahu’s body merged fully with the hands and exuded immense power.

        “What a perfect vessel for me! This body now belongs to me, Asura!” After throwing back his head in a laugh, Asura started admiring his new body.

        His lips curled, and uncanniness flashed across his eyes: “True benevolence is to let people die a painless death!”