Taking the form of a Human, Pontos visited a poor village. This place was drastically different compared to where he had previously inspected. None of the buildings was intact, and all the villagers were weak...Pontos closely observed their actions, and discovered that they were loading their rare harvest onto a horse carriage, as if preparing to transport it to town.

        “Where are you taking them to?” Pontos asked a villager.

        “Oh, these? To the mayor.”

        “You don’t have enough for yourself! Why are you giving them to someone else?”

        “Because the mayor is going to protect us! Providing him with food is our responsibility.” The villager replied as if it was meant to be their duty.

        “So...if you don’t provide him with food, he’s not going to protect you anymore?” All the villagers were stunned by his words; none dared answer. Pontos then continued, “If that is so, you don’t need to rely on him!”

        Pontos went to a river not far from the village. He put his hand into the water and channeled his godly power; the water turned clear. Pontos crouched and drank from the river. He smiled before inviting the villagers to step up and try. They hesitated as they were wary of the visitor. Only an old villager dared drink the water. As the river water flowed down his throat, he not only looked surprised, he also felt youthful. The old villager felt power in his legs and did not need his cane anymore...

        “H...How could it be? My legs are healed?”

        Upon hearing this, the other villagers dashed toward the river. Each and every one of them grew stronger as they drank the water. Just then, Pontos said, “This is no ordinary river now. This will be the source of your power! With it, you will have the power to protect yourself. You don’t need to rely on anybody else from now on!”

        “Having such great must be God!” The villagers said as they kneeled.

        Since then, the stronger and healthier villagers renovated the entire village; they repaired the broken buildings, and reclaimed more land for farming. Gradually, the village changed and even started to attract traveling merchants from foreign places. The mysterious river had always been a secret among the villagers, but a drunk villager once told the secret to a traveling merchant. Their secret was then revealed to other towns and villages.

        Merchants and leaders from other towns and villages all wanted to obtain water of the river. To do so, they were willing to give anything; however, the villagers deemed the river a gift from their God, and refused to open it to the public. As a result, people raised their weapons toward one another, hopefully winning the magical river...

        “Haha! Interesting! A mere river can drive you Humans to kill each other!”

        Watching the war aside, Pontos grew increasingly excited. Knowing that many had died for the river, he laughed even louder. Just then, a strong man had defeated all the other people. When he thought he could keep the river all to himself, he found that the water had already lost its magical power, and had returned to its original muddy state. Pontos laughed out loud when he saw the vexed expression on the villager’s face. It turned out that Pontos had withdrawn his godly power, deliberately prompting distressed expressions from the Humans.

        Initially, a Human leader had united the hearts of all the people, and was the spark of the people’s desire to harmoniously live together. However, Pondos had, yet again, stirred greed from the bottom of their hearts...

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