Since witnessing Phanes’ miracle, the villagers as well as other Humans, worshipped him as God. Even after he returned to heaven and did not revisit the realm for some time, what he had done for the village was widely spread among Humans. Eventually, a religion was established for worshipping Phanes, and Khaos discovered this through utilizing his power.

        “Is it really all right for us to just let him do whatever he wants?” As Khaos’ helpful deputy, the impartial Aether thought that Phanes not only undermined Khaos’ status, he also disregarded Khaos himself! Acts which violated rules and etiquettes were unacceptable to Aether.

        However, Khaos did not mind the situation at all. He laughed aloud before replying: “We have only just arrived in this world anyway. “Dominating” Humans this way is not that bad. Besides, we are their Gods now. It will be more convenient for us to live in this world!” With this, Khaos sat back into his seat in the middle of the hall.

        “But...” Just as Aether wanted to add something, Khaos gestured her to stop before solemnly looking into her eyes and said, “Relax. I have a plan.” Khaos channeled his power to conjure numerous circular mirrors, within which showed all the Gods in the realm of Humans. Pulling Phanes’ mirror close, Khaos carefully observed all of Phanes’ actions...

        Phanes happened to learn about a place in the realm that was covered in thick ice, and that the people who lived there always had trouble with the freezing weather. Therefore, he flew to the snowy town. Phanes saw the people eager to move elsewhere but did not know how to ice skate. However, they also knew that it would be difficult for them to live on if they chose to stay. Left with no other options, they could only pray. Just then, Phanes descended from the sky, his body burning with warm fire. The Humans were scared at first, thinking that they would be burned to ashes if they approached him. Phanes noticed their state of fear and hence, walked toward them. Their desire to escape declined as they felt warmth exuding from Phanes’ fire, and further prompted them to come near him for the rare heat...

        “His body burns with warm fire. Instead of a mere Human, he must be the God who has come to save us!”

        “Honorable God of Fire! Please expel the coldness for us, and let us once again experience spring!”

        “I heard your plea, and for you, I shall demonstrate my power!”

        Phanes used his godly power to set up a protective magic circle around the village. Then, he flew to the sky and conjured fire elemental power into gigantic fireballs. In a wave of Phanes’ hand, the fireballs rained down onto the thick ice like meteors! The high temperature vaporized the ice, revealing the land once again. Delighted and excited, the villagers started to sing praises about Phanes.

        “For the God of Fire’s miracle, we are saved! Life surrounded by cold ice is no more!”

        As Phanes continued to help more people, the number of worshippers increased. His followers even sanctified the thawed land as “holy land”. Later, Khaos decided to leave the realm of Humans under the supervision of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. Phanes, on the other hand, was commanded to return to heaven...

        “Keep gathering followers! Only by consolidating their religion can we stay in the realm in peace.” Phanes handed down the “holy land” and his followers to Zeus.

        Although Zeus was skeptical about Phanes’ idea, he eventually accepted Phanes’ practice. Through gathering Human worshippers, Zeus thought that he could also prove his value and abilities to Khaos. Therefore, he sent Apollo to the Humans, asking them to build a city on the “holy land”. The city gradually prospered; its citizens even formed the “Saintly Warriors”, who were assigned missions to help people in need. Since then, other people granted this city a title, and its name spread across the entire realm — the Holylight City.

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