Duncan was born amid the war and was raised by the druids in the forest. The ragpicker who brought Duncan to the druids told them that he was found in the crack between two rocks on the battlefield, where he saw a gleam of light. He first thought it was a gem, so he tried to pry it out, but then it turned out to be a baby. The druids believed that Duncan’s parents had enveloped Duncan with the power of Earth for his protection, and hence Duncan was inseparable from the pneuma of Earth. The druids always told people that it was the Earth that had saved Duncan, Some even made a joke that it was Mother Nature who gave birth to him, but Duncan could never understand these words. Although he was nourished by the land, Duncan would rather like to be a cleric, but not a priest of the forest.

        The Chief had once told him, “Duncan, try to think about where life comes from, where life grows from and what it grows into...You have to understand just what killing truly deprives us of.”

        The young man then hated war - it was war which killed his family. Later, the druid order that Duncan belonged was forced to participate in the war, in which he witnessed the Demons destroying the land with their power. The feeble human army guarded the frontline while Duncan and the aged druids were protecting people as they escape. Right in front of his eyes, the mighty force of nature, built over the ages, was devastated by the chaos brought about by the Demons. The young Duncan did not understand why the Elders did not protect themselves, but sacrificed everything instead to let people retreat. Wasn’t it just like what his parents did?

        The druids joined the human force, and Duncan was assigned to a young Earl’s platoon. The unorthodox approach of the Earl led to disputes with other nobles. On one occasion, some noblemen accused the Earl of breaking the long-standing traditions, but the Earl replied in anger, “The continuation of traditions is not here to restrict our possibilities to change!” Hearing this, Duncan recalled the Elder’s words, that the nature struggled to bear the impact of war, and the war stopped life from thriving. As guardians of the Earth, they must ensure the continuation of life, just like what his parents did.

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