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        Sitting in a throne in the Gods’ hall, Khaos never expected Humans were such indomitable, gradually driving Gods into a corner. Aether sensed his restlessness and said, “What if we first eliminate the Courts of Zodiacs? Do you think the Humans will still stand a chance of winning?”
        “You’re right,” Khaos grinned. He created a wormhole with his chaotic power and enlarged its scale, inside which he saw Lepus was holding a silver box and heading towards the Enochian Tower in a hurry.
        “Who is this girl?” Aether asked with a puzzled face.
        “What really matters is the silver box on her hand. Inside the box there is a weapon crafted by Demons to wipe out the Gods. If it falls into Humans’ or Zodiacs’ hands, we’ll be in trouble,” Khaos said as he propped his chin on his hand.

        Aether did not ask more about it, because Khaos had already come up with a way to solve the problem, judging from the calmness on his face. As expected, he summoned Phanes to the hall. Then, a flash of crimson figure landed in front of Khaos and Aether——
        “I’ll handle this, Master Khaos.” Phanes rushed towards the realm of Humans immediately without waiting for Khaos’s command.
        “Really! Again, he doesn't listen to your order and just gets his own way.” Looking at Khaos, Aether asked, “Master, do you want me to follow him?”
        Khaos rejected her request with a hand signal. He remained calm and opened a wormhole, which showed Phanes’s whereabouts...
        A fire meteor swept across the sky to the realm of Humans; it turned into a pair of fire wings. Hovering over the sky, Phanes soon saw Lepus in the woods. He casted several fireballs over her in no time while making a dive.
        The fireballs came down, blocking the way with great accuracy. Stunned by the attack, Lepus stopped immediately. Compared to her own safety, her top concern was the condition of the silver box. At this moment, a giant meteor landed ahead of Lepus; it burst open, and Phanes showed up. “Drop the box down. It’s what I want,” He said as he pointed at the silver box with a kind smile.
        “I’m not giving it to you.” Lepus held the box tight and prepared for a battle.
        “Humph! This means our negotiation has failed. What a pity——” Phanes’s eyes became sharp. As he circulated his godly power, the air was getting hot and dry, and flames were everywhere. Phanes approached Lepus slowly; every step of him had made the earth scorched. Facing the intolerable heat, Lepus covered her face with her hands.
        At Phanes’s command, pillars of fire emerged under the feet of Lepus, trapping her inside. At the touch of the pillar, her finger was immediately burnt. Although a sense of fear was lingering in her mind, Eostre’s silver box had given her bravery...Lepus’s body shone with purple light, which turned into a pair of boxing gloves. She gathered all the power on her fists; the blinding light was too strong for Phanes to look directly at it. As Lepus threw a punch on the fire pillar, the purple light blended into the flames, which eventually faded in the air.
        Lepus captured this opportunity to attack Phanes when he got slack, but he remained calm to counter her punches with single hand. “Give me the box! Otherwise, I’ll crush your palm.” His strength made her painful.
        “Never!” Lepus did a roundhouse kick at him with her left foot. Letting go of his hand, Phanes gathered stronger godly power to cover him with flames. Witnessing his fury, Lepus stayed alert to his move.
        As soon as Phanes hit the ground, walls of fire emerged to engulf her. Lepus managed to dodge it by instinct, but the endless blaze had drained her completely. At this moment, a fire pillar was casted over her, who avoided the attack in time, but the silver box was dropped to the ground!
        Phanes picked it up and tried to burn it off.
        “It’s over.” As he wanted to burn the box to ashes, Lepus circulated all the power of the Astralists to unleash a heavy attack, knocking him flying. As soon as she retrieved the silver box, she escaped right away and made every effort to bring it to the Zodiacs as best as she could. Meanwhile, Phanes, who got knocked down on purpose, wore a cunning smile as he watched Lepus gradually out of his sight.
        Just as Phanes returned to the realm of Gods, he was immediately interrogated by Aether——“Why did you let her go!”
        “Because destroying the weapon is just not enough,” he responded. “We need to put them in the depths of despair.” Phanes left slowly with a sneer on his face.