“What’s the matter? So this is the so-called ‘Demons’? I’m just warming up!” Erebus yelled at the collapsing building where dust still lingered, waiting for his long-searched enemies to stand on their feet.

        To ease his father’s mind, and to prove his abilities, Erebus went behind Khaos’ back and entered the realm of Humans. He sought Demons, the greatest enemies of the Gods, and he wanted to eliminate them. In the middle of his journey, he followed a swarm of flies and successfully located some of them. Therefore, he channeled his power and started a fight. Erebus only desired to kill the Demons and earn the honor of finishing the mission, so the villagers’ safety was not his concern. If they dared stand in his way, Erebus would also end their lives.

        “I thought Demons were a powerful opponent! Seems like I’ve overestimated you. I don’t see why my father is so bothered with your kind.” Erebus walked to the dust and saw two figures inside the rubble. After giving a mocking smile, he turned and said, “Sigh! I’ve heard of your ability to rival us, the Gods! I did hope for a good fight.”

        Just then, Erebus felt two streams of immense power circulating in the air. Turning back, he saw the two figures now standing. Suddenly, a fire explosion reduced the dust to nothing, revealing the heavily wounded boy and girl. However, strong elemental power flowing across their body soon healed the damage.

        Witnessing such an unexpected change, Erebus was in shock. He never thought there could be a species that could utilize elemental power like this. The boy conjured blazes on his hands while the girl gathered insects from all directions. As if agreed ahead of time, the two charged at Erebus at the same time. Although he hastily raised his hand to guard their attacks, the immense power blew him away; even his gauntlet was shattered by the impact. Erebus had difficulty standing up again.

        “Who was the one that just said we’re not powerful, huh? You’re the one lying on the floor now!” The boy happily walked toward Erebus. The girl with extreme anger on her face followed behind the boy murmuring, “Unforgivable...No one...can criticize...or hurt...Abadon...”

        Feeling unprecedentedly intense humiliation, Erebus conjured a great deal of his godly power. The boy and the girl also immediately took things seriously. They stretched out their hands toward each other, and in the space between their palms, fire and light elements began to gather...

        “Annoying...pests!” Filled with fury, Erebus became even more unconcerned about the villagers’ lives, and focused only on defeating the Demons in front of him. He hurled a gigantic sphere of pure godly power at them; the two Demons created a wall of fire and light to shield themselves from the attack. When the sphere impacted the wall, elements bursted in all directions, reducing all Humans who were present to ashes. Erebus had dodged the area of impact by flying into the sky, but the adolescents were covered by dust from the attack.

        Just as Erebus was readying for another strike to eliminate his enemies at a fell swoop, Aether’s voice suddenly rang from behind him: “Stop it! Are you trying to kill all the villagers here?”

        “If I were you, I wouldn’t stand in my way!” Erebus did not even turn to look at Aether. He merely wanted to rid the realm of Demons. As Khaos’ helpful deputy, Aether said with a mild tone, “Do you wish to be expelled from heaven by your father?” Erebus immediately stopped his attack. Knowing that it was actually his father’s order, Erebus dared not resist. He withdrew his godly power and unwillingly followed Aether back to heaven. After their departure, two figures again stood up in the dust, elemental power incessantly flowing into their bodies...

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