Khaos trapped Erebus in chaos as he took it upon himself to battle with Demons, resulting in great loss of life. He was not released until the Gods were at war with Summoners and the Courts of Zodiacs in the realm of Gods.
        The first thing came to Erebus’s mind was to revenge the two Demons who caused him to suffer in that chaotic prison, but he never expected that Humans were able to break into the realm of Gods with the Zodiacs’ aid, putting them into a bitter struggle.
        “A bunch of worms! How dared they look down on us——” Erebus came to the entrance of the realm while he was pondering over the matter. During his observation in the battle, someone attacked from behind; he turned around and saw Summoners keep unleashing elemental power! Flying into a fury, Erebus gathered godly power while charging at them. In the nick of time, a flash of pink and a flash of purple landed in front of Summoners; they used the power of the Astralists together to parry with Erebus.
        “Go!” Alma, Court of Scorpio, shouted.
        “We’re counting on you to save this world!” Poppy, Court of Aries, said as she smiled at Summoners.
        Then, Summoners continued to go deep into the realm.
        “Don't even think about it!” Erebus was going to chase them, but he was blocked by Alma and Poppy. He could do nothing but watch Summoners out of his sight…
        Their escape was a great insult to Erebus. The wrath in his heart was filled to overflowing and could not be suppressed anymore. Just as he was about to give Alma and Poppy a powerful attack, a strong energy blast struck the ground from the sky suddenly, which forced them stepping backwards to dodge it——
        A girl descended slowly. Judging from the light elemental power remained on her hand, she was the one who casted that terrible blow.
        “I’ll not forgive anyone who hurt my father!” The girl took a dive with her hands filled with light element.
        “Humph! Get out of my way!” Erebus conjured a dark scythe and sprinted towards her.
        A huge shockwave was given out while light element was wrestling with dark element! Wearing a grin on her face, the girl circulated more light elemental power to counter with him. Soon, Erebus’s dark power was suppressed!
        “What makes her so powerful! And that familiar feeling is——” Erebus thought. However, the battle was imminent, and he had no time to go deep into her identity.
        Before long, the dark element was completely dispersed; the dazzling light elemental power, instead, was going straight towards Erebus.
        “Ahhhhhh!” Hit by the light beam, Erebus groaned with pain. As it faded, he was already down and used up all his strength. The girl dived from the sky as fast as meteor, giving him a violent blow without any hesitation. Her attack was strong enough to crush the ground. Bearing the severe pain, Erebus felt like he was ripped off. As the girl knew he was unable to fight anymore, she felt dull and left.
        The scream of god soldiers had echoed in Erebus’s ears. He turned around and saw the girl was attacking everyone regardless of who they were, enemies or allies. Therefore, he did not have a clue about who sent her. However, as long as she attacked Gods, she was his enemy.
        Reaching out his trembling hand, Erebus thought, “is there really nothing I can do…”
        His consciousness started to fade away, during which Khaos’s figure appeared in his mind. Knowing Khaos would be disappointed at his performance, Erebus felt power emerging inside his body suddenly. “I won’t lose——”
        Coated with purple light, Erebus found that his wounds were healing automatically. Then, he concentrated all his godly power to cast over the girl! Sensing the threat of Erebus, the girl promptly released light elemental power to parry his attack.
        “Humph! What a troublesome man!” The girl unleashed more light element to suppress Erebus’s power!
        “I won’t be defeated by the same person twice!” An endless flow of chaotic power filled in his attack, which gave out a blinding purple light to repel the girl’s attack. Engulfed by the dark power, she fell down to the ground...

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