Before Summoners broke the seals of Enochian Tower and came to the realm of Gods, Khaos had already sent Pontos to mount guard over the entrance. Pontos obtained overwhelming power with the runic shield to counter Summoners’ attributive attacks during the battle, which put them into a bitter struggle. As Pontos and Summoners were in a fight to the death, a powerful earth elemental sphere was casted over him. To his surprise, the attacker was Ophiuchus——
        “Go! Just leave him to me!”
        Pontos conjured countless water spheres with his godly power to stop Summoners, but his intention was noticed by Ophiuchus, who immediately created an earth shield to block Pontos’s attack. With the protection of Ophiuchus, Summoners left in a hurry. Pontos had already lost his interest in them. As all of the attacks were defended by Ophiuchus, he had found a more interesting rival to battle with.
        Both of them had fierce battles in the hall. At first, Pontos gained the upper hand in the fight, but his carelessness had given Mitty and Marble, Canis Major & Minor, an opportunity to take advantage of. Pontos was ambushed and knocked flying to a wall…
        “How careless of me. I need to show them my true power!” Pontos circulated all of his godly power, with his eyes and fists glittered with an azure blue; the dazzling light even penetrated through dust and dirt.
        “Ha!” As Pontos shouted, the moisture in the air accumulated into numerous spheres and turned into ice. By waving his hand, the sky was hailing like rain! Mitty and Marble, standing in front of Ophiuchus, conjured a light shield to withstand such massive onslaught in no time. Pontos captured this chance to sneak behind Ophiuchus, but it was too late to counter his assault.
        “Behind you.” Pontos shook his fists at the back of Ophiuchus violently! Attacked by stormy billows, Ophiuchus was sent flying, hitting a stone pole. However, the pole collapsed as it could not withstand such a violent impact; Ophiuchus was crushed under a pile of rubble.
        “It’s all right! We’re coming to save you!”
        Mitty and Marble wanted to get Ophiuchus out, but Pontos stood in the way and punched them hard with lightning speed! The blow had immobilized them with severe pain...
        Licking his lips, Pontos conjured two aqua spears while approaching Mitty and Marble.
        “What a pity. Game is over!” He raised the spears and pierced through them without any hesitation. At the critical time, two earth-elemental serpents were coiling Pontos’s arms tight in order to stop his attack——
        “As long as I’m still alive, no one can hurt them!” Ophiuchus, who gathered the power of the Astralists, was dazzled with emerald light. He gave the earth element a sharp pull, dragging Pontos towards him; Ophiuchus charged at Pontos right away and controlled the serpents to wrap around his body even tighter. He let go until Pontos was unable to move. As Ophiuchus was going to save Mitty and Marble, Pontos once again shone with the azure light, which was even stronger than before!
        “Do you think you can trap me with your little trick?——” Pontos, sparkled with azure runic power, got rid of the emerald serpents by tearing them into pieces. In the face of a bellicose rival like Pontos, Ophiuchus started to worry about the fight. Staring at each other, both of them gathered strong godly power and the power of the Astralists respectively...

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