“No matter what happens, you would still need to face what you must.”

        Although Zhao Ling-Er and Li Hsiao-Yao had wedded, Li Hsiao-Yao had forgotten his committment after taking the Sorrow-forgetting Powder. However, Ling-Er still bore the pain and wished him a blissful life. She was even willing to ensure Li Hsiao-Yao’s survival using her own life as leverage. After passing through much hardship, she ended being imprisoned within the Evil-Sealing Pagoda. Seeing Hsiao-Yao and Yue-Ru come to the Pagoda for her despite the difficulties, she was deeply touched.
        After the birth of her daughter, Yi-Ru, Ling-Er was determined to take up the mission she was born with, and resolve the conflict between the Miaos on her mother’s behalf.

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