Imperial Heroes - The Finishing Battle Ch.8

        “I won’t leave you alone no matter what you will become! I...I won’t let you die on my watch again! You’re the love of my life. No one can take you away from me!”

        Lü Bu said agitatedly to Diao Chan, leaning close to her in spite of the rash all over her body.

        “I’m dying and soon I’ll lose this pretty face...Why does he still care about me when I’m useless to him?” The badly ill Diao Chan pondered.

        Diao Chan was born with a hereditary disease, which had taken all of her family lives. It was Cao Cao who 、 took her in when she was orphaned in early childhood. As the consideration of raising her up, Diao Chan pledged her loyalty to him.

        To Diao Chan, the value of people was nothing but merely a tool. As such, she had no hesitation when Cao Cao demanded her to marry Lü Bu, for this was the return that Cao Cao deserved.

        Her creed had remained unchanged until the disease started killing her slowly. When her lifeline was counting down, Lü Bu risked his life and battled Tongtian Jiaozhu in the Heavenly Kingdom all for an elixir to save her.

        The moment when Diao Chan was moved by the scarred Lü Bu, her long-believed faith was also overthrown.

        “He...he never sees me as a pawn like anyone else…He loves me.”

        For the first time, Diao Chan, blushing for Lü Bu, threw herself into his embrace and held him tightly.

        Since then, Diao Chan had stopped being Cao Cao’s spy. She wished nothing but to be with Lü Bu forever and ever.

        As the war grew more intense over time, Lü Bu agreed to meet Liu Bei the revolution leader in Sun Quan’s territory. Despite a minor quarrel during the meeting, the alliance was settled in peace eventually.

        Having returned from Kingdom Wu, Lü Bu and Diao Chan were ambushed by Yuan Shao; Lü Bu’s henchmen had gone rogue conspiring with Cao Cao. Luckily, Huang Zhong, the reinforcement sent by Liu Bei, arrived just in time and saved Diao Chan from the hostage.

        Without constrain, Lü Bu finished Yuan Shao bare-handed before he revenged at Cao Cao. As the fight of two exceptionally skillful warriors ignited in the grand hall, clashes of weapons never ceased.

        Diao Chan, too weak to interfere the dead fight, could do nothing but feel worried aside.

        “Hmm——! Damn, Cao Cao you scum!” Lü Bu cursed as his right shoulder was slashed by Cao Cao, leaving a palm-long cut. Despite the bleed, Lü Bu fought as if nothing had happened. Bending down slightly, he managed to stab his halberd into Cao Cao’s right thigh.

        “Nice one, Lü Bu!” Cao Cao growled.

        Holding his sword backhandedly, Cao Cao thrust downward into the target of Lü Bu’s heart.

        “You can’t kill me!”

        Lü Bu eased his attack to take a leap backward, maintaining a distance from Cao Cao. After dodging the fatal blow, Lü Bu repositioned for the next wave of attack——

        The intensified battle had left blood trails onto the glossy floor. When Diao Chan looked at those ominous bloodstains, tears welled up in her eyes and rolled down to her face.

        “They won’t stop until one of them is dead...Can anyone stop them?”

        Somehow her prayer was heard; the fight was forcefully stopped by incoming footsteps. Next second, someone was kicked into the grand hall, flying all the way to Cao Cao——a woman with a single eye patch.


        Cao Cao lifted the woman Xiahou Dun up immediately, who murmured in pain, “, master Cao...L-Liu coming…”

        “Finally we meet, Cao Cao. Time to settle our score!” A valiant female voice spoke loudly at the doorstep.

        “Guan Yu...Did you hurt Dun?” Cao Cao questioned grimly.

        “She hurt my family.” The blue-haired Guan Yu glanced at the severely-wounded Huang Zhong carried up by Liu Bei.

        “Master Cao, we’re outnumbered. Better not to clash with them,” Xiahou Dun, recovered from the strike, whispered to Cao Cao. After a moment of hesitation, Cao Cao agreed to retreat, carrying her to the exit.

        “Don’t you run! The fight hasn’t ended yet!” Lü Bu yelled. Pursuing from behind, Lü Bu struck his halberd at Cao Cao, who had to defend with his sword.

        “We’ll be surrounded if we don’t get out of here as soon as possible.”

        When Cao Cao was caught up in the situation, someone intervened, stalling Lü Bu by hugging his body.

        “Go now!” Diao Chan shouted. Shocked at first, Cao Cao soon seized this chance to escape with Xiahou Dun.

        “Let me go! Diao Chan! Are you trying to betray me too?” Lü Bu yelled at Diao Chan, threatening her with his halberd.

        Watching Cao Cao’s escape, Lü Bu fell into great disappointment and anger.

        “...He saved my life,” Diao Chan said with eyes full of sorrow.

        “Without him, I wouldn’t have had the chance to be with you.”

        “You——” Lü Bu dropped his arm.

        “From now on, things between me and him are even now. If you want to kill me, do it,” said Diao Chan with her eyes closed, waiting for Lü Bu’s punishment.

        “I can’t...My love to Hearty has never changed.”

        Having this thought, Lü Bu held Diao Chan into his arms and bit her neck hard.

        “Mmm——!” Diao Chan held back the painful scream, while Lü Bu didn’t let go until she bled.

        “This is your punishment,” said Lü Bu, raising her chin. “Don’t you dare leave me no matter what you have done. Not even death.”

        Others might see this as Lü Bu’s threat towards Diao Chan, but it was the sweetest promise she had ever heard. At this moment, she responded Lü Bu with a smile.


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