Rose had been ill for a week because of the excessive water absorption. When she woke up, Nepenthes and the other rebels had already been exiled. Despite his hurtful words, nothing could change her love for him. Without Nepenthes, she felt like her soul was ripped out of her body.

        “He was right that I don’t understand his pain, but I’m willing to feel what he feels. I need to live outside the enchantment with him!”

        Rose eventually put this thought into action, packing her stuff for the departure day. Everything went well until an unwanted visitor came by——Hyacinth walking straight into her room without knocking. Rose had to hide her baggage behind the wardrobe in a rush; then she scowled at the grinning Hyacinth.

        “How rude you are to walk into a lady’s room without knocking!”

        “Can’t husband go to his wife’s room?”

        “...Please find someone else for you game, you highness.” The salty refusal of Rose provoked Hyacinth. He cornered her and said, “your parents have approved our marriage, and you’ll be mine in a month!”

        “...Why won’t you give up when you know that I’ve already fell for someone else?”

        Grabbed by Hyacinth, Rose struggled to break free. Meanwhile, Hyacinth said arrogantly, “you only fell for that elf because you have no idea how brilliant I am. But it’s okay. I’ve banished them out of the enchantment.”

        “You banished them...Does it mean they’re not rebels at all?”

        “Those cowards are incapable for rebellion. I made it up. Humph! I could have executed them if my father didn’t intervene. Don’t worry. When I’m crowned, I’ll kill all those ugly elves!”

        “You——Why did you do such a horrible thing! They’re innocent!”

        “Innocent? No, they deserve it! Especially that noxious elf who dares to approach you. I ain’t letting him taint your beauty!” Hyacinth kissed Rose on her hand, giving her goosebumps all over her body.

        He continued without realizing Rose’s disgust, “your snow-white complexion, glittering eyes and mesmerizing lips, every part of you is perfectly beautiful. Only your beauty is good enough for me. I’ve already built the most stunning glass house for you, so that you can bathe in the light of Mother Tree everyday.”

        “He’s a total lunatic! I can’t stay here anymore…” Rose thought as she glimpsed at the door ajar. When Hyacinth wasn’t paying attention, she broke free and grabbed her baggage to escape. Before she could step out, Hyacinth lifted her up and carried her back inside.

        “You don’t love me! I ain’t your puppet! Let me go! I have to find Nepenthes!” Rose shouted, struggling fiercely.

        Unable to hold Rose any longer, Hyacinth threw her onto the bed and yelled, “don’t you even think about leaving here! I’m posing army to guard this house!”

        Rose got no chance to escape under his surveillance. When her hope was about to fade, a masked man broke in and came to Rose late at night.

        “Who are you,” Rose asked vigilantly.

        “It doesn’t matter. Come with me if you wanna meet your lover outside the enchantment.” The man reached his hand to her.

        “This might be a trap...But, I’d rather take the risk than being trapped by that lunatic.” Rose made up her mind and took the hand. Led by the man, they arrived at a lake outside the enchantment, and she picked up a familiar scent. Running forward, she finally saw the one she had been missing this whole time——


        “Rose! It’s really you! I thought this is a set up again…”

        “But you came anyway,” said the masked man. He took off the mask to unveil a charming face. At this moment, Rose recognised him as May Lily, the guard of Cornflower the third prince.

        “If she means that much to you, why did you leave at the first place?” May Lily asked.

        “I...I can’t let her suffer with me.”

        “It’s not suffer!” Rose held Nepenthes tight, with tears swelling in her eyes. “I’d be the bottom of the world as long as I have you!”

        “ silly girl.” Moved by Rose, Nepenthes hugged her back. When love was in the air, May Lily ruined the atmosphere and said, “hold on you two. Someone is expecting you.”

        An old man walked out of the woods.

        “Your majesty!” Rose and Nepenthes were shocked, but something even more shocking happened——Welwitschia the king knelt before them.

        “I’m sorry. My incompetence dragged the innocence into this mess.”

        “It’s not your fault! That damned Hyacinth did this!”

        “Rose! Be respectful to the prince!”

        “She’s right. My damned son did this. But believe me. Someday I’ll set things right and bring you back to your home.”

        Welwitschia looked Nepenthes in the eyes, held his hand and said, “before that, please take care of the innocent elves for me. I’m begging you.”

        Rose and Nepenthes signalled each other with a gaze; then she smiled, held Welwitschia’s hand back and responded, “no problem. Leave it to us!”

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