“Here is a fork in the road. Which route should I take to town?” An old man pondered as he sat on a carriage.
        “I remember last time I took the right fork.” His wife suggested.
        “No, it was wrong. It should be the left fork to town.” The old man and his wife turned around as they heard someone answered. A handsome boy smiled at them, pointing to the left.
        “Why are you so sure of it?” The old man asked.
The boy seemed to be surprised at what he questioned, “Well...It’s because...Hey look! There are lush woods in front of us to the right, while to the left is an open road. If the townspeople really pass through the woods to town, there should be a track, right?”
        “It seems to be so! Thank you very much. By the way, are you going to town? You can join us if you don’t mind.”
        “Thank you!” The boy got on the carriage excitedly and continued their way to town.
        “Hey! Obviously I told you to go left. How can you take credit to yourself only?” Armadillo, a long-ear demon with a beak said displeasedly; Zheng, a leopard-like demon with a unicorn on its head, was lying beside the boy quietly.
        “I have no choice. They can’t see you. If I tell them it’s your idea, they won’t believe me, thinking of me as a lunatic of some kind. The priority is that we have to go town as soon as possible. Hopefully we’ll find that person there…” The boy said blankly, lying in the carriage.
        Since they entered the city, Armadillo and Zheng had been on the alert——
        “The air is filled with demonic energy...Be careful, Xun.” Zheng gnashed its teeth and remained vigilant.
        “That way! Xun, the demonic energy and resentment are getting stronger there.” Armadillo jumped off Lu Xun’s head nervously and dashed towards.
        “Hey! Wait for us!” Lu Xun and Zheng caught up right away.
        They left the town to the woods, where they saw a huge magic circle. Its colour had already faded as time went by. In the eyes of ordinary people, it was just a place lost in oblivion; but to Lu Xun, Armadillo and Zheng, it was a place of massacre haunted with wraiths.
        “Woo...what had happened here exactly…” Lu Xun covered his nose and crouched down to investigate the magic circle. He found that it was as same as the one which sealed that demon! “Perhaps Zhang Jue released it? But how...she couldn’t have such power——”
        “It’s a blood sacrifice, using children as offerings, a lot of children.” Zheng bristled and gnashed its teeth, staring at the end of the circle; “Eek! Many ghost children here! It’s so scary!” Armadillo immediately hid behind Lu Xun.
        Lu Xun was surrounded by the kid wraiths, who were all in blood tears. They said plaintively: “I miss home. I miss my parents. I want to go home.”
        They were getting closer and closer, reaching out their hands towards Lu Xun. As Zheng was going to attack them, he stopped it. By the time the wraiths touched Lu Xun, he saw how the children were taken away by Zhang Jue, the things happened in the magic circle, and a possessed boy had slaughtered them all...
        Lu Xun was in tears, but he was just an amateur sorcerer. He was not powerful enough to help them. “I’m sorry for your misery, but I don’t know to release your pains.”
        He continued as he sniffled: “At least, I can send your words to your family.”
        At this moment, a grievous woman voice echoed in the air. The kid wraiths immediately charged at her and surrounded her; no matter how she struggled to shake them off, it was in vain eventually. Lu Xun despised the ghost woman, as she was the culprit of all these things——Zhang Jue.
        The kid wraiths made way for Lu Xun as he approached Zhang Jue.
        “How could it be...It’s totally out of my expectation...Why…”
        “You should have imagined this coming when you stole the sealed demon from Master.” Lu Xun reached out towards her. “Let me read your mind!”
        In Zhang Jue’s mind, he saw how she abducted boys from Dong Zhuo, and how she ended up getting killed by Cao Cao, who was being possessed by that demon now.
        “Can I take her soul?” Zheng asked Lu Xun.
        “Of course! My Master died because of her! An evil like her did not deserve transmigration!” Armadillo blamed her, but hid behind Lu Xun again when Zhang Jue glared at it.
        Watching her being haunted by the wraiths, Lu Xun knew she would be punished for her sins forever and ever. “No need. She has already got what she deserves. We have more important things to do.”
        Lu Xun said as he left. Even if the wraiths were still weeping over their death, he did not look back. Lu Xu believed that such tragedies would continue if the demon was not sealed…

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