On the barren slopes, two parties of approximately a thousand soldiers each had a face off across a river. “Lü Bu, you’re really well-informed. I didn’t expect you can find the treasure location.” Cao Cao, an evil man riding a dark horse in the west of the river, broke the silence.
        “Cut the crap! This iron mine is mine!” Lü Bu, a strong man riding a brown horse in the east of the river, signalled the soldiers behind him to charge. Their weapons clashed! Lü Bu and Cao Cao galloped down the river, pulled out their weapons and wrestled with each other.
        Suddenly, there was a disturbance at the rear of Lü Bu’s army. Lü Bu saw a man gallop along the track and approach his troops with all speed.
        “How dare you set an ambush!” Lü Bu glared at Cao Cao.
        “Ambush? I didn’t do so.” Cao Cao was totally puzzled. It was a coincidence to meet Lü Bu here, so he could not possibly lie in ambush beforehand.
        “My personally-trained soldiers will not be defeated by your little trick!” Because of anger, Lü Bu went all out to repel Cao Cao. “Kill that Cao Cao’s lackey!” He shouted at his troops.
        The morale of Lü Bu’s army greatly boosted due to his order. The troops marched on and prepared to defend Zhang Liao who was charging towards them.
        “Take this!”
        “We won’t let you hurt Master Lü Bu!”
        The soldiers attacked Zhang Liao with their weapons in no time. Facing such intense attacks, Zhang Liao should be nowhere to dodge, but he vanished just before the blades hit him——he was lying down on the horseback and rolling over to dodge the weapons in the nick of time. The soldiers were all stunned by his agility.
        “Hey! It’s dangerous to swing your blades like this! Fortunately, I slipped down the horse quickly...Hold on! Stop attacking…Alright you’re asking for trouble, aren’t you!?”
        Zhang Liao waved his sickle smoothly on his right hand; he knocked down all the soldiers with the hilt. At this moment, a soldier was approaching from the left; Zhang Liao immediately threw the sickle to his left hand. As he was about to swing it, he stopped suddenly. “I cannot use my left hand to fight today, otherwise my luck will be gone. What should I do now?”
        While Zhang Liao was watching the soldier’s coming, he hit on an idea; he used the horse to swing his body in the air and dove towards that soldier——knock! Zhang Liao’s forehead knocked the soldier down.
        “Haha! My head is powerful too!”
        The soldiers were overwhelmed by Zhang Liao’s bizarre attacks. They were either down or afraid of him. Soon, he broke through the army array and made a beeline for Lü Bu and Cao Cao.
        “Haha! He is strong. I love fighting with a veteran. Bring it on, both of you——What?” As Lü Bu thought Zhang Liao would join hands with Cao Cao, he actually galloped away, going straight towards Cao Cao’s army. It alerted Cao Cao’s loyalist Xiahou Dun who brought up the rear. “That man is sent by Lü Bu to disturb us. Kill him!” She yelled at the confused soldiers as she raised her weapon.
        At Xiahou Dun’s command, Cao Cao’s army used spears to stab Zhang Liao. “Everyone seems to be vicious. I just want to get that thing...Perhaps this is the trial of the God! As long as I overcome the challenge, I can marry a good wife!”
        Zhang Liao raised his morale again and repelled Cao Cao’s army with his weapon, making his way to a cliff. He threw his sickle with his right hand, which pierced into the cliff. He hopped on the sickle as agile as a swallow, and started to climb up.
        Everyone was unable to understand his behavior. They simply stared at him who was trying to pick off a yellow flower on the cliff with his left hand.
        “Phew, finally! My talisman today——a yellow little flower under the mountain of the northwestern mine. Pick it off with my left hand, then I can get rid of celibacy. Great!”
        Zhang Liao smiled; he mounted the horse and said goodbye to all the stiff soldiers.
        “Oops, I’m sorry for disturbing you guys. You may continue now. So long.”
        Zhang Liao galloped through Cao Cao’s army. But this time, nobody stopped or attacked him again. They just let him pass and head west.
        “What is this guy doing?” This was the question popping up in everyone’s mind.
        The battlefield fell silent, until someone laughed——
        “Hahaha!” Cao Cao burst into laughter. The soldiers behind him were completely muddled, even Xiahou Dun. At this moment, Cao Cao ordered as he put back his weapon: “Withdraw!”
        “Hey! Cao Cao, what is the matter with you? I haven’t played enough yet. Don’t you want that iron mine?” Lü Bu asked. “I don’t, because I’ve found something more precious than it.” Cao Cao grinned.
        As Cao Cao left, Xiahou Dun immediately caught up. “Xiahou Dun, help me find Zhang Liao. I need to bring him on our side.” Cao Cao was in a good mood.
        “Achoo!” Zhang Liao sneezed as he went straight home. He wiped his nose and murmured: “Maybe someone miss me, haha...”
        Zhang Liao giggled, but at that time, he never thought there would be a huge change in his life...

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