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        “Husband...” A pregnant lady, who was heavily injured, was crawling along. She struggled to crawl towards a last-gasp man lying on the ground. Choking with sobs, the lady kept calling the name of her husband, but he was already dead.
        She was overcome with grief. Suddenly, the lady felt a severe pain in her vagina; the blood dyed her dress red——She let out a yell of pain, echoing through the forest.
        The lady kept staring at Shuten-dōji——the man obsessed with power had killed her husband and caused her to lose her unborn baby. Since then, she had borne a grudge against him. The resentment in her heart had turned her into a yōkai; she was gradually losing her face as a human…
        As time passed by, the lady, who was demonized as Ubume, had been living in the Orient. She never forgot the hatred for Shuten-dōji. Even though she knew that he had gotten rid of the evil in his head, the grudge still lingered in her heart.
        One day, Ubume heard a fit of laughter as she walked down the street. She saw Shuten-dōji taking a stroll with his wife Kejourou and son.
        The satisfied and warm smile on his face during the family gathering seemed mocking at Ubume's misfortune——She lived a miserable and tough life in order to survive in the Orient; but the murderer Shuten-dōji was so happy with his wife and son.
        “You bastard...You killed my husband and son, but you don't even feel guilty about what you did...I hate you!! I hate you!!!” Her hatred was getting stronger and stronger.
        She tailed them to their residence and peeped through a window to see what they were doing inside. Shuten-dōji and Kejourou were playing with their baby happily. All these things made Ubume feel unsettled, but she knew she was no match for them, and her life would be wasted if she acted rashly....
        “You hate him, don't you?” A strange voice came from behind. Ubume turned around in a fluster and saw a fiend with sharp fangs and a horn, dressing like an Onmyōji.
        “I hate him! He made me lose everything! I hate him!” Ubume yelled.
        “Hatred can make you stronger; hatred can give you power——” The fiend put its hands on Ubume's shoulders; she could immediately sense a strong power flowing into her body. “Kill his son, make Shuten-dōji suffer!” The fiend whispered.
        “Right...he killed my baby. It's time for him to pay for it!” Ubume gritted her teeth.
        As the fiend vanished in the darkness, Ubume's eyes glittered with bloodlust. Shuten-dōji and Kejourou left after tucking their child into bed. Then, she tiptoed in the bedroom and held the baby.
        “Burble!” The baby did not resist. He kept looking at Ubume curiously while sucking his thumb. Just as she was going to kill him, she heard footsteps outside, so Ubume took the baby away.
        She carried the baby to a serene forest and put him on a rock. Suddenly, he wailed, alerting the birds on trees.
        “Why is he crying? Does he...feel hungry?” Ubume got into a panic and looked around. There was a tall tree nearby. She cut off the tree with her wings and fed the sap to the baby.
        “Yum!” The baby was famished, gobbling up the sap. “Slowly...slowly...NO!” Ubume said gently as she patted him on the back.
        She knew she was not here to raise the baby, but kill him. Ubume stopped feeding, but he kept reaching out his little hands and pouting. The baby had no idea soon he would be dead.
        When Ubume concentrated her power on the wings and tried to kill him, he reached out and touched her gently, which made Ubume remember her own unborn child, the feelings when she was pregnant, and her husband...She burst into tears. The conscience remained in her heart had stopped her from killing the baby. Ubume retrieved the power, gently touching his cheek with her wings.
        “Stop! Don't hurt him!” Flares were everywhere. Shuten-dōji and his men had surrounded Ubume. However, the baby's life was in her hand, so he dared not act rashly.
        At this moment, the fiend showed up again.
        He was trying to kill the baby with his sharp nails. Shuten-dōji immediately charged at him, but someone stood in the way——Ubume took the fiend's attack!
        Shuten-dōji casted a fire dragon over the fiend, who then parried the attack with ice, eventually evaporating in the sky. As the vapour dispersed, the fiend had already gone…
        Shuten-dōji came up to Ubume right away. The baby was safe, lying in the arms of Kejourou. However, Ubume was at her last gasp. Shuten-dōji crouched down, trying to give her power and save her. Ubume refused——
        “I...want to meet my husband and baby...”
        “Alright...I'm so sorry...” Shuten-dōji felt regretful about what he did. Then, Kejourou brought the baby close to Ubume and whispered, “Thank you for saving our child. Are you willing to be his adoptive mother?”
        “Adoptive mother...” Ubume raised her wings and touched his cheek. “Sounds great...All good wishes for your health and happiness...”
        “Hehe!” The baby laughed, as if he was responding to Ubume. Then, her wings were down; she died with a smile.
        Although Ubume could not return to her human form, at least she had a kind heart. Shuten-dōji and Kejourou seemed to see her soul running to a man and a child; the three of them were holding each other tight, and headed towards the white light together...