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        Luna was an independent Saintly Warrior who acted upon her own judgements. Every time the Holy Temple intended to banish her, people who had received her help before would speak for her, so that the Temple could not but revoke their decision.

        During the war between Gods and Demons associated with Enochian Tower. The Gods had once had the upper hand temporarily, but the generals rashly ordered the invasion into demonium to commence in attempt to wipe all Demons out once and for all. Luna was the only one suggested sealing off the tower. She opposed the idea of connecting the three worlds. “The Demons will crush us!” Luna did not think the Gods could afford the cost of the war nor win the war, but the Gods were stubborn. The invasion resulted in massive losses of the force and the army was forced to fall back to Divine Woodland. Since then, conflicts broke out constantly between Luna and the commanders of the Gods. On an occasion, the army asked her to arrest an assassin of Gods who had escaped, but, instead, she helped him escape. Her sharp sense told her the generals just wanted to kick the ladder away and get rid of those who knew too much. Luna eventually realized the sword is never as fair as the scales of justice unless it is used to cut off the heavier side to balance the scales, which means the so-called justice depends on the one who wields the blade.

        “That is not justice!” Luna upheld the true justice in her heart and brought about righteousness to the chaotic battlefield.