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        Loki shouted at the giant fallen wolf. Crying with dull eyes and bloody tears, he crawled towards the dead body of the wolf. He held the body in his arms and kept saying, “Daddy will save you. You’ll be okay...” But of course the dead wolf could not give him any response. Looking at the disconsolate Loki, Thor heaved a sigh.

        “Loki, I’ve told you before, that you shouldn’t embed Hel’s soul in this wolf...”

        “Shut up!”

        Loki shouted angrily, but he did not appear commanding with his dispirited appearance. He rushed to Odin, grabbing his collar and repeating, “Give her back to me!”. Being treated by Freyja beside them, Tyr looked at Loki and knocked him down with a punch.

        “Loki, you don’t deserve my respect. It is meant to end this way from the very beginning. It is destiny! But you refuse to come to your senses.”

        Loki did not give Tyr a direct response. He just laughed maniacally.

        “Haha! I’m nonsense! Hel, I’m sorry for failing you!”

        “Destiny! So this is fate! This is how it mocks me?”

        “I curse you all, both destiny and Gods, for ruining everything of mine!”

        Loki’s pneuma burst out suddenly and struck everyone away. Wisps of black smoke was winding around him. He looked at the Gods with hollow eyes and then left with the black smoke. The Gods were only paying attention to Loki, and did not notice that a wisp of the black smoke was squeezing into the body of the wolf, making it levitate and emit dazzling golden light. The Gods were startled to see the body with golden light was interlacing with the black smoke as it slowly split up. Odin stared at it with bulging eyes for he knew what the golden light was.

        “Knock it down! It’s the power of the Golden Apple! How dare he embed this power in the beast!”

        But it was too late. The golden light dispersed. Two giant figures emerged - a wolf with golden fur and another with purple fur. Staring at the Gods with the hunger to kill, they dashed towards the Gods as lightning. They had only one thing in mind - to tear everything apart...