“What a beautiful creature. Its fur is white as snow, and it has a pair of eyes like the setting sun…It’s too beautiful to be true!”

        “True! What is this? I’ve never seen a creature so mesmerizing like this.”

        Everyone was surrounding a cage to watch the animal held captive inside. She was a white cat with shiny fur; She looked at the people outside the cage with her amber eyes. The cat realized how ignorant human beings were when the people exclaimed at every single move she did.

        The cat intentionally leaned close to the people who were praising her, luring them to touch. But she went back to the cage when they reached out. That itchy feeling in the heart made people crave for her even more.

        A skinny man finally defeated by the temptation and grabbed a bag of coins from his waist. “I’m buying it!” He said to the cat owner.

        “You think you can get the treasure with this little amount of coins,” a wealthy lady said as she waved. Then her servants carried out two heavy bags of coins and gems. “She’s mine! Are these enough?” she continued.

        The cat owner counted the coins and gems then grinned in satisfaction. “Yes, yes. They’re more than enough. She is yours now, ma’am.”

        Looking at the dejected and jealous face of the skinny man, the wealthy lady took the white cat and left with triumph. And the cat was named Lynx by her new owner.

        In the wealthy lady’s mansion, Lynx kept leaning close to the cage side, and looked at the lady pathetically. The lady was movedand she opened the cage to let it walk freely in the house. Lynx followed the lady around, acting cute to her; The cat even rubbed her head against the lady’s hand whenever she fed it. The lady was convinced that these were all because of Lynx’s affection. Yet she didn’t know that Lynx was just faking them for her own plan of escaping and vengeance.

        It was a stormy night. A deafening thunder startled the lady to awake, and she tiptoed to Lynx’s bedside as she worried if the cat was fearing too. “Baby, are you alright,” she lifted the bed curtain and asked. But something even more frightening had happened——Lynx was gone! The lady screamed out loud and ordered every servant to search for her. Soon, a set of footprints was found outside the mansion. The lady then took her servants to follow the footprints, which led them to a house after a short distance of walking. The tensed lady banged the door immediately, urging the people inside to open up. When the door was slowly opened, it was revealed to be the skinny man who had quarreled over the cat with the lady!

        “Give me back my cat!” the lady yelled hysterically.

        “What the heck?” The skinny man wan confused.

        “The footprints stopped here. It’s either you stole my cat or she left wearing your shoes!”

        “Bullcrap!” The skinny man couldn’t care less about her nonsense, so he pushed her off and slammed the door hard. And the door never opened again no matter how hard she banged it. A crazy idea came up, and she threw a torch at the wooden door, thinking that it might push him to give Lynx up. But no one would expect that the flames spread so rapidly because it was made of wood. In a flash, the house was swallowed by the fire.

        “You, go put out the fire now!” She ordered the servants to fix it, but the fire was getting out of control. Worried about her own cat, the lady ignored her servants’ warning and danger, rushing into the burning house alone. The house was combusting vigorously, lighting up the area near-by. Eventually, it collapsed. Both the skinny man and the wealthy lady died at the scene. Yet there was no sign of the cat other than the two burnt corpses, so everyone pointed the finger at the original seller.

        A detective and a deputy arrived at the doorstep of the seller’s house. The man answered the door with a pair of drowsy eyes when they knocked.

        “Where were you last night,” the detective asked.

        “I was at home sleeping,” the seller answered.

        At this moment, Lynx walked out of the house, leaving the seller in shock. And the detective locked on him with his glare.

        “W-why would you…”

        “I knew that was you! You’re under arrest!” The detective said and tied the seller up with a rope. While the deputy was going to capture Lynx, she was nowhere to be seen already.

        In the meantime, Lynx had been hiding on a tree. And Lynx felt amused when she saw the stupidity of people, looking for herself cluelessly. It didn’t return to the ground until nightfall. Suddenly, a woman descended from the sky, and she captured Lynx with a light elemental cage just by waving her hand.

        “Master Khaos ordered me to bring you in because he thought you’re intriguing. Don’t think about tricking me if you don’t wanna get hurt,” the woman said.

        The woman left once Lynx was brought into a spacious temple. A terrific chaotic power spread and the frightened Lynx was stunned. When she looked at the source of the chaotic power, Khaos, the lord of all gods, was there, walking towards herself.

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