Khaos, the lord of all gods, was looking at a wormhole. Inside the wormhole, there was Summoner breaking the gods’ defense with the help of Court of Virgo, Court of Taurus, Court of Capricorn and Court of Aquarius. While they were heading deep into the Heaven, Persephone and the others brought up the rear to block the gods from pursuing. This was a disgrace to Khaos, irritating him more and more. And he decided not to spare these humiliating beings…

        With a wave of his hand, all wormholes returned to a sphere of chaotic power, and then split into few wormholes again. All of them were showing things related to the Twelve Zodiacs. As Khaos looked at each wormhole closely, he found a worn harp, which inspired him an interesting plan. Then he summoned Aether.

        “Master Khaos, how may I help you?” Aether asked in respect.

        “Fetch me this harp,” Khaos said as he pushed the wormhole towards Aether. Looking at Khaos, Aether figured his thought.

        “I got it,” Aether said and smiled.

        Very soon, Aether returned to the temple with the harp found in Persephone’s old residence. When she handed the harp to Khaos, he moved his fingers to make the harp float. Then Khaos conjured the chaotic power, generating a dark violet to wrap the harp up.

        A dim light sparkled from the harps, expelling the chaotic power away! While it shocked Aether, Khaos shown a rare smile as if he had found an exciting toy. As Khaos transfused more and more chaotic power, the light of the harp gradually faded. Swallowing by the violet haze, a human-like figure was formed slowly. When the haze finally disappeared, the harp was transformed into a little girl, landing on the ground.

        Waking up to reality, the girl looked around in confusion.

        “Where am I? Where’s Persephone?” She mumbled to herself.

        And she was confused again when Aether covered her up with clothes, “what are these?”

        “These are clothes. They’re made for wearing. You can have them all,” Aether cleared her latter question.

        “Thank you. You’re so kind,” the girl thanked Aether with a bright grin. Then she put on the clothes clumsily.

        “My name is Lyra. Isn’t it a beautiful name? And who are you two?” The conversation went on.

        “My name is Aether. It was master Khaos who turned you into human.”

        “Thank you so much! But I need to return to Persephone now. She must be worried without me.”

        “...You’re completely out of her mind.”

        Khaos’s words made Lyra stop smiling, but she continued even so. “No, Persephone must be in a panic now.”

        “Tell me, when was the last time you saw her? How long haven’t you been played by her?” Khaos challenged her faith again.

        Lyra went through her memory all over again, trying to convince herself that Persephone wasn’t abandoning her; But all she could think of was the scene of Persephone holding another harp, left her in the house and never looked back. The good old days were gone, and her faith was smashed into nothing. Tears were all over her face; The broken-hearted Lyra was filled with resentment and grief.

        “You missed her, but she never did,” Khaos told Lyra as he moved a wormhole to her front. She looked to the wormhole, finding Persephone playing a harp. She played it to fight her enemies, and also to heal her friends. The way Persephone treasured that harp angered Lyra. The fury induced a powerful yet spooky force out of Lyra——the force combined by the astralist power and the chaotic power. And it raged together with Lyra’s fury.

        Lyra’s power frightened Aether, but excited Khaos. Khaos retrieved the wormhole and turned to Lyra, “I know your feel. That’s why I gave you the power, turning you into a god. This is the only way to take back what’s yours, and punish the people who took you for granted. But before that, you must learn to control your power.” Khaos talked her out and the energy surrounding Lyra faded as she calmed down.

        “...Thank you,” Lyra said and looked Khaos in the eyes. Then she walked towards him.

        The moment when Khaos reached to stroke her, she felt a familiar feeling. To Lyra, Khaos was the only one who would take her in and need her; But to Khaos, all he cared about was the battle between Lyra and Persephone, and he couldn’t help but smile...

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