“...We are responsible for our investors, so we can’t execute this risky plan.” Farrah said to Agnesi in a serious tone. “You’ve used abnormal energy for this design. Do you think you can control it?”

        Agnesi replied “yes”. After Agnesi left, Farrah read through Agnesi’s report from cover to cover one more time, especially the section describing the crystals.

        “...Miss Farrah?” said one of the judges, who was puzzled by the smile on Farrah’s face.

        “No, it’s nothing.” Farrah came to her senses and bowed to the judges: “Thanks to our cooperation, we’ve successfully suspended this dangerous research. I appreciated all your efforts.” The other judges immediately replied: “Thanks to your prediction, we’ve avoided an outburst of the Ancient Dragon Power.”

        Although Farrah has just reached 20 years old, she’s already a genius in the field of contemporary science. She even joined the jury of scientific research, reviewing scientific proposals and approving funds. She is an ambitious scientist in the eyes of many, but in another “world”, she is…

        After the jury meeting, Farrah took Agnesi’s design to her own lab, took out the crystals and carefully examined them under a lamp.

        “If I successfully master the Ancient Dragon Power, I will be able to monopolize the weapons market. As long as I follow this report’s instructions, I will succeed in no time” Since she discovered a new metal, she not only gained a reputation, but also a large amount of fortune through selling weapons of mass destruction made from the new metal. Even through the surface, this new metal has just began to develop, Farrah has already observed the new metal’s strengths and ability to shield by researching and fusing it into weapons. Before applying for official authorization, the new metal was put into the black market and Farrah has since gained continuous benefits from it.

        Since starting her research on the new metal, Farrah stayed in her laboratory reading through Agnesi's research and conducted tests to melt the crystals with different metals. She realized the crystal was highly compatible with the new metal; however, when she implanted the crystal into a cannon made from the new metal, she was surprised to find the new metal cannon in ruins…

        “Why? The theory was perfect…!” Farrah took the crystal out of the cannon, suddenly, steam engulfed the cannon and launched it. Farrah immediately took a few steps back. In an instant, the cannon calmed down again.

        “Is this...the Ancient Dragon Power...” She took a deep breath and cleared her mind: “When I touched it, the cannon launched again...but the report did not mention anything about human contact…” This reminded her of her conversation with Agnesi—

        “You’ve used abnormal energy for this design. Do you think you can control it?”

        “...Of course, judge.”

        “It is a dangerous research.” Farrah smiled, with plans in her mind…

        After figuring out the elements that activate the Ancient Dragon Power: new metal, crystals and human contact, Farrah found a doctor to implant the crystal into her central nervous system—under the spine. After the operation, she restarted the new metal cannon, but its force was no different than a normal cannon. However, her emotion began to fluctuate. Crazy ideas flashed across her mind. She not only equipped herself with new metal armor, but also pierced herself with mini cannon pipes in order to connect with the heavy cannon to launch attacks anytime she wanted…

        “Haha...This is the Ancient Dragon Power—controlling weapons with the mind.” She looked at herself in the mirror, only to see her face made of metal and her neck and limbs filled with holes. “This invention will definitely make me a fortune! Haha!” Someone suddenly knocked on the door. Farrah tidied her clothes and exclaimed: “Here comes the first customer! Haha!”

        Upon opening the door, a few soldiers were waiting outside. They were all shocked when they saw Farrah: “You, you are Farrah?”

        “Welcome! Check out this new weapon of the Ancient Dragon Power!” Farrah excitedly said while pointing at the cannon on her back. The soldiers shook their heads and said: “We’ve seen this before. That’s nothing new.” Farrah took off her robe to show her whole body equipped with metal and the pipes inserted into her body. The cannon was immediately activated.

        “I can activate this cannon with my mind. This is the Ancient Dragon Power!” Farrah continued: “This new weapon is connected to my body! If you are interested…” Before she could finish her sentence, the soldiers asked: “Who would ever want to be like you? Let’s go!” Then they left, leaving Farrah alone…

        “Right...That’s right...Not everyone can master the Ancient Dragon Power...Haha...” With these words said, she shot at the soldiers, but the cannon did not operate as she expected. Farrah murmured: “No...I can master the Ancient Dragon Power...I am a genius…”

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