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        Magrence dashed down and jabbed Govindasaur at the shell with her spear, but it was merely a small crack. Govindasaur went berserk. It abruptly turned upon Magrence and forced her to retreat into the air. Guards around her raised their shields high, forming an array to halt the advance of the monster.

        “Don’t push yourself too far, Half Dragon! We just have to buy time!”

        The guard captain shouted at Mag, but his voice caught the attention of Govindasaur. The colossal monster thrust at the array of shields with such an enormous strength that soldiers in the front were hit and sent flying.
        “I said”-Magrence swooped down again, stabbing her spear deep into Govindasaur through the crack on its shell-“don’t call me Half Dragon!”

        Govindasaur was blew off by the flare spouted out from the crack of the shell. It shrieked and struggled in pain, shaking the rocky ground violently. The strong wave sent the guards reeling to and fro. Magrence danced joyfully in the air while kept looking for the weakness on the shell of Govindasaur.

        “Let’s quit this mess! Just wait till all villagers are evacuated...”

        “Don’t worry,” said Magrence as she was replenishing
the fire elements at the spear head. “I am not letting him go near the village!”

        Demons had been curious about human since they discovered the existence of the realm of men. Before the war between Gods and Demons, the savants of Demons had been performing all kinds of experiments in the realm of men. They studied the integrability of elemental power and human body. In order to investigate the power of dragons, Nightfall Savant forcibly injected dragon blood that was rich in elements into the body of a child, attempting to create a lifeform that master these powers. However, before the hatching of the ‘dragon egg’, the savant came upon Golems built by human in Enochian Tower, which fascinated him. He then delved into the structure of those golems and abandoned his original subject - the girl inside the egg shell.

        She was forgotten until the beginning of the battle between Gods and Demons. To drive the demons out of the realm of men, Court of Taurus invaded the base of Nightfall Savant and broke the ‘dragon egg’ in that battle. Magrence was awakened from her sleep...