Invaded by the army, Shiva headed back to the village right away. As he was about to fight, someone pulled him from behind.

        “Shiva, where are you going?”
        “Go help defeat the enemies of course!”
        “It’s meaningless. All the warriors we sent out are dead! The enemies cut off their heads and hung them to trees...My poor villagers.”

        Ravaged by the war, the village filled with grief and sorrow. The elders, who were all in tears, started performing a melancholic music with the coral instrument.

        However, Shiva simply felt absurd and angry after witnessing the scene. He smashed the instrument into pieces and yelled, “Enough! The enemies killed most of our warriors. Why are you still sitting here to pray!? Let’s set up some traps to avoid the next invasion!”

        Those villagers turned a deaf ear to him and continued whispering to the nature——
        “Why bother to set the traps? We don’t even stand a chance of winning…”
        “Right, mourning over their death is the only thing we can do…”

        While they were talking, the troops broke through the gate of the tribe with weapons, surrounding Shiva and other villagers in file. A burly man, turning up his nose, came over and sat in the patriarch seat.

        Varuna said as he looked down upon the people, “what a poor village, can’t even afford to have a throne.”

        He glanced at this land as fertile as Sinha and the boundless ocean. “But, the land and the ocean are blessed. From now on, I’ll take over this place,” he showed a pair of greedy eyes.

        Varuna commanded the soldiers to split the blue-skinned villagers into different groups: beautiful ladies, old women and men who did not fight in the battle.

        Shiva was sent to a group of men and subdued by an armed soldier. At this moment, the patriarch was brought to Varuna by force. He pulled the patriarch’s hair hard, who then let out a scream of pain.

        He took out a sword and placed it close to the patriarch’s neck. “I’ll return to the mother of nature. May the nature bless our clan…,” the patriarch whispeared.

        “You know, you should have begged for my mercy, not this bullcrap!,” Varuna cut off his head impatiently.

        Witnessing that the patriarch was beheaded, the women were harassed by the enemies and the kids were weeping their eyes out, Shiva flew into a fury.

        He stood up and taunted Varuna over his behavior. “You’re just a bully with a coward heart. Do you have the guts to fight with me!?”

        Then, Shiva was subdued by the soldiers again. Provoked by his words, Varuna said in an arrogant tone, “do you really think you’re comparable with me?”

        “Right! If I win, you release my people!” Shiva’s valiancy successfully aroused his interest; Varuna showed him a taunting gesture, signaling him to attack.

        The soldiers around all stepped back. Shiva sprinted towards and swung his fist, but it was dodged by Varuna easily. Both of them attacked back and forth for a dozen times. Soon, the battle was set. Shiva’s simple attacks were no match for that of Varuna, who had been through years of battles in war. As Varuna started getting bored, he did not have mercy on Shiva anymore.

        “I’ll bury you and your clan under the dirt!” Varuna pierced through his body right away.

        As the sword was about to stab into his heart, a strong sense of danger filled all over Shiva’s body. Head, the center of eyebrows, throat, heart...all the energy channels were opened up within a second; a familiar power was about to gush out. When Shiva regained his consciousness, Varuna went as white as a sheet and groaned in pain.

        Shiva looked at his hands with shock. “It happens again…”

        Varuna ordered in anger, “Kill! Kill them all!”

        At his command, the soldiers swung their blades; bloodshed was everywhere. Shiva wanted to stop them, but he could not move at all. Suddenly, a soldier was approaching. As he was about to attack, someone stood in front of Shiva to take that hit——it was a villager, who used his last breath to push Shiva into the ocean and said, “You’re a special existence, the son of luck in our clan! Survive and live!”

        All of a sudden, there was a bizarre swirl in the ocean, carrying Shiva into the depths of the sea. The soldiers could only watch him slowly vanish in their sight...

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