Mahonin was the only princess in this country. She had always competed with others to prove her superiority. Her brothers were no match for her in many fields, such as archery, martial arts, history and geography. However, as a tactful speaker who enjoyed a great fame, she never blatantly display her disgust towards her brothers.

        When Mahonin was small, she strived to prove her capability over that of her brothers in many royal courses and trainings. She had always believed that no one could exceed her greatness in the country and she was the only one who deserved the throne. She dreamed of creating history just like other queens had in the past as leaders of the country.

        She took every opportunity to earn support and demonstrate that she deserved the throne more than her brothers. Unfortunately, the name that was announced to inherit the throne was not Mahonin's, but that of her eldest brother, Abram.. She strode into her father’s room in fury. For the first time in her life, she raged at her parents,

‘Why would Father choose Brother over me? He is not capable enough to take the throne.’ Mahonin barely suppressed her anger to maintain the positive image she had built over the years. The father remained in silence. Moments later he hesitantly answered, ‘A male is more qualified to be the king after all…’ ‘Is that it? You did not take our capabilities into consideration! Ridiculous!’ Mahonin left in disappointment.

        Mahonin’s father and Abram did not expect her to attend the coronation, but she showed up in a timely manner. She courteously walked to him and saluted. He smiled in relief, ‘I thought you wouldn’t…’ ‘Don’t be silly! All I care about is the future of our country. Your kindness will certainly bring prosperity to our home.’ She then turned to her father and bowed, ‘I apologize, Father. I forgot my manners last time we talked. I will assist Brother to make our country greater than ever.’ Her father nodded, comforted byr her change in attitude.

        One day, Mahonin brought her younger brother to a lookout tower on the city wall. Her brother said, ‘I wonder what lies beyond these walls. If only I could set out on an adventure one day.’ ‘Just do it! I will back you up!’ ‘Really? Your words will definitely convince Father and Mother.’ Mahonin knew that her younger brother craved an adventure to satisfy his strong curiosity. She encouraged him and managed to persuade their parents to permit his departure on a condition that he had to be escorted by two guards on the way. He started his journey, not knowing that those guards obeyed Mahonin.

Her second eldest brother became her next target. He always liked hunting thanks to his confidence in his riding, so she invited him to go hunting together. One day, when they set foot into a jungle for a hunting contest, an old man was about to jump off the cliff! Her second eldest brother leapt to the old man trying to grab him, but lost his balance and fell off the cliff! Moments later, Mahonin pushed the old man after her brother. She tore her clothes and scratched herself with sharp rocks, as if she had tried but failed to save her brother.

        Her second eldest brother was left in a coma with severe injuries when he was rescued. It took numerous treatments to keep him alive, but he would never open his eyes again...Later the old man was sentenced to death by their father. Mahonin did not bat an eye as she watched the execution. Everything went according to her plan. She knew her brother would try to save the old man.

        ’Sorry...The system is to blame,’ whispered Mahonin, whose glaring eyes locked onto Abram, the only obstacle left to the throne…

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