Since Kushinada met Susanoo, he never left even though she hated him. She had no option but to let him follow her around.
        One day they came to a city in the mountains. It was located in an area full of natural spas and became a tourist spot. Most of the hotels were full when they arrived in the evening, except one that barely had any guests. Kushinada had a bad feeling about the hotel, but once she realized the rent was only half that of the other hotels, she strode inside without hesitation. ‘Sir and Madam, you only need one room?’ the hotel owner asked as he brought them to a room. Kushinada hugged Susanoo’s arm like a sweet lover. They always slept in the same room to save on rent. Susanoo had to sleep on the floor though, while Kushinada enjoyed the warm bed all by herself. The owner suddenly solemnly said, ‘Erm...Be careful when you get in the spa…’ He smiled bitterly and walked out of the room. Susanoo and Kushinada stared at each other and shrugged.
        Susanoo laid down his luggages and sprang to his feet, ‘It’s time for a relaxing spa!’ ‘Are you sure about that?’ Kushinada remembered the owner’s advice, which made her feel even worse about this hotel. Susanoo chuckled, ‘Of course! It’d be a huge waste otherwise.’ ‘You may be right. The female spa area is right next to the male’s. I can save you if things go south.’ ‘It thought it was always the other way round.’ ‘Shut up!’ She punched him in the stomach.
        Kushinada stripped and put on a bathrobe. She tapped the water with her toes and lowered herself into the spa. Warm water relaxed her exhausted body and relieved her heavy stress. The sound of water dropping came from behind. She did not care at first, but the noise became more and more frequent. She bolted from the water and looked around. Suddenly something gripped her legs and pulled her down before she could react! A female ghost with long black hair that covered most of her face was pulling her, ‘Come with me…’ ‘I’m not who you want!’ Kushinada thrust a light ball at the ghost, who then released her right away. Kushinada jumped out of the spa, pulled out a fulu and stuck it on the ghost’s face. The ghost’s face twisted in pain. Moments later, her body inflated to the limit and exploded, sending up clouds of dust. Susanoo jumped over the bamboo wall after hearing the loud blow, ‘You alright?’ ‘Of course. Who do you think I am.’ As he was about to mock her, the bathrobe on her body slipped off and a deafening scream broke the silence of the hotel…
        ’Something kept attacking our tourists in the spa. It had been ruining our business reputation. Thanks to you two, I now know it was a female ghost haunting our spa.’ ‘Pleasure. It’s our duty.’ The hotel owner gifted them a glass bottle, ‘I brewed this for you as a reward for your hard work.’ ‘We can’t accept this gift. We did what we-’ Kushinada nudged him in the ribs before he could finish. She took the gift and smiled, ‘If you insist, thank you.’ As the owner walked away, she instantly unscrewed the lid and a gust of fragrance went into her nose. She quickly poured two cups and handed one to Susanoo excitedly. ‘We’ll enjoy it to our best extent tonight!’ Susanoo took a sip and a sweet taste bloomed in his mouth. He exclaimed, ‘It’s delicious!’ They drank more and more. Soon, the bottle became empty as they drank themselves into a nowhere. They did not expect what they were going to find out tomorrow…
        The next morning, Kushinada woke up with a painful headache. She straightened up, intending to wash her face, only to be shocked to find herself naked in bed with Susanoo!. ‘W-what’s happening!!!’ screamed Kushinada. Susanoo was awakened by her scream. He slowly analyzed the situation and glimpsed the bottle. He remembered they had indulged in alcohol until they lost their consciousnesses. He grabbed her shoulders and said solemnly, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll take responsibility.’ ‘Noo!!!’ Kushinada cried. She sighed in despair.

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