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“Be careful.”

Cao Pi lent a helping hand to a maid who tripped. Although the maid almost spilled everything on him, he remained calm and help her politely.

The maid apologized in a panic when she realized that it was the prince she had bumped into. To her surprise, not only the prince didn’t blame her, but he cared about her well-being. At this moment, Cao Pi overheard the gossip between the witnessing ministers——

“I can’t believe that the tyrant has such a humble son.”

“I bet the prince has inherited the good traits of the former…”

“Shush! Watch your mouth!”

The gossip had caught Cao Pi unprepared. Keeping the conversation in mind, he returned to his residence and walked down the memory lane with a cup of tea——

“Father, where do I come from,” the little innocent Cao Pi asked Cao Cao.

“You don’t need to know,” said Cao Cao coldly.

Cao Cao had never hid the fact that Cao Pi was adopted, but he never allowed any discussion either. As all information was censored, Cao Pi had no choice but sealing this mystery deep in his mind. Until today, the coincidence recalled Cao Pi’s curiosity to his origin.

“The good traits of the former...Former who?”

Cao Pi shook his head to stop thinking about the conversation, for he decided to take action and find out the truth.

“Sitting here thinking won’t get me anywhere. I need to investigate myself.”

Making up his mind, Cao Pi went to question the ministers he had ran into this morning, yet all of them refused to answer and fled in a panic. That was no news to Cao Pi since everyone in the kingdom was fear of Cao Cao. Just when he was stuck in the investigation, a minister contacted him discreetly, saying that he could provide the truth.

At midnight, a man in cape knocked on Cao Pi’s door, who let him in and shut the door immediately. As the man took off his cape, he revealed himself to be an old minister.

“If you have made up your mind, I can tell you everything,” said the old minister. He took a sip of the warm tea and continued, “after all, I have nothing to lose except my life now.”

Cao Pi sat straight and nodded to the old minister.

“You’re the son of the former emperor, and your mother is Cai Wenji…” the old minister spilled out the truth.

“What!? Then why didn’t father tell me?”

Heaved a sigh, the old minister then told him the whole story before Cao Pi became the adopted son of Cao Cao. After Cai Wenji had given birth to Cao Pi, Cao Cao had assassinated the former emperor and framed her to be the murderer, putting her into jail. Later on, Cao Cao had taken her baby to be his adopted son.

“ the man who took my parents away?”

Enlightened by the truth, Cao Pi felt a chill ran down his spine. At this moment, he wasn’t sure if he was angry or frightened. Yet no matter how shocking he was, he never stopped calling Cao Cao to be his father.

“I don’t want you to live in a lie forever. Now that you know the truth, please be extra careful and stay safe,” said the minister.

The old minister decided to give Cao Pi some space and leave. The moment he stood up, a sharp arrow was shot right into his chest through the window. He was dead before he could say the last word or even make a sound. Jumped by the sudden death, Cao Pi stood up in order to take a look at the old minister, but the door was opened at this moment——

“What now? Does the truth satisfy you?” Cao Cao said as he walked into the residence. He kicked the corpse out of his way and sat down like a dominant.

“They’re not important anyway...Father,” said Cao Pi.

Despite his pounding heart, Cao Pi forced himself to play calm and return to his seat.

“I’ll never forget father’s great effort in raising me. And I shall never betray you,” Cao Pi said cautiously.

“Bear the rules in mind. If anything happen again…”

Without naming the consequence, Cao Cao gave a cold gaze at Cao Pi instead and left.

“I got the truth of my origin at the cost of the old minister’s life, yet all I can do is acting like nothing happened…”

After Cao Cao’s departure, Cao Pi finally had a mental breakdown, pressing his forehead in agony with full of sweat.

Struggled for a whole night, Cao Pi eventually took action to find out his mother’s whereabouts. Knowing that she was in jail, he bribed the guard to let him sneak in for a visit. When he walked into the jail cell, he saw Cai Wenji sitting on the floor hopelessly.

Cai Wenji was confused when she heard a call from a strange young man. Cao Pi then explained, “I’m...Cao Pi.”

Stunned at first, Cai Wenji then started weeping as she stroked his face with a trembling hand.

“Did he...allow you to find me?”

Cao Pi squeezed her hand and looked down in silence.

“Leave! Get out of here! Don’t you ever see me again...Live your life…”

Cai Wenji bursted into tears as she figured that Cao Pi came here in secret. She then said in despair, “don’t you make the same mistake I did. No one can take down Cao Cao...Be his son and stay alive!”

“I get it,” said Cao Pi. It ached his heart to see the breakdown of his mother.

“Goodbye, my mother.”