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        Samuel and friends went on an adventure into a deep forest to look for the mythical giant spider living deep in the woods. At first, no one would ever expect that an ordinary adventure of the youngsters would took a sudden turn for the worse... As the surroundings darkened, Samuel, who was in the middle of the queue, warned everyone to fall back. However, none of his companions had the intention to return and he could only follow.

        George, walking in the front, suddenly fell down. From behind, Samuel saw what George had stumbled over was a skeleton! He looked around to find that the place was scattered with dead bodies. Samuel was struck with fear and fled, leaving his companions behind. He kept running, but soon got lost in the forest and had to slow down his pace. There was a feeling that something unknown was chasing after him. Suddenly, in the distance, the piercing screams of Vitus and George was heard one after another. Terror impelled Samuel to hide in the bush.

        After quite a while, Samuel crept out of the bush on tiptoes. He was calling his friends’ names as he was prowling in the woods, yet none of them replied. Just then, he noticed that James was hanging on the branches a several steps away. He ran there at once and called, “James! Hold on! I’m coming!”

        Just before Samuel reached James, a golden figure descended unanticipatedly from the sky, blocking his way. Samuel looked closely and realized that standing before him was an elf with wings and sting of a bee. As the elf blew some strange pollen at Samuel, his eyes became dull and remote...

        The elf pointed to the left of them and said, “Walk in that direction and you can leave the forest safely.”

        “Go back to where you were. Tell your people that the it is dangerous deep inside the forest. Many creatures beyond your wildest imagination are hidden here.”

        Samuel nodded, following the order of the elf and step by step walked out of the forest.

        The elf could not help shaking her head as she looked up to the corpse hanging on the tree. No matter how hard she tried, she could never completely separate Human from Elves...