’Master Odous, you have to rest to heal your body…’
        ’I’m fine. Take care of them. Tell them to leave when they wake up. Got it?’ Odous knew some disliked spiritual beasts. He gave that command to avoid putting the adolescent in a tough spot.
        ’Yes…I got it.’
        Odous entrusted Iquitos and Pluma, who had fainted from injury, to an adolescent who had saved him from werewolves in the past. He trusted the adolescent would take good care of Iquitos and Pluma. In moonlight, Odous left the village with unhealed wounds.
        Odous returned to the tribe. The place had become a mess and Mufasa was nowhere to be found. ‘Mufasa...Where’ve you been…?’ Blood gushed out of Odous’s wounds. His body became gradually weaker and his consciousness was fading away. The only thing that was keeping him conscious was his determination to help his friends. He kept walking and searched the entire forest to no avail.
        Finally, his body became exhausted. He fell in front of the temple and drowned in his own blood. His eye closed against his will…
         ’He’s dying. Should we get Osiris to take him away?’
        ’Wait a second. He’s still breathing. We can’t decide his fate on our own.’
        Odous used his last ounce of strength to open his eyes and vaguely saw a birdman, a catman and two dragons checking on him. ‘Mufasa...Where are you…’ All he could think of was finding Mufasa. ‘He failed to contain the Dementing Elements in his body. We had no option but seal him permanently,’ The gentle female voice paused and continued, ‘You need to get well first if you really want to save him.’ Odous’s consciousness faded away slowly. He could hear nothing but his own heartbeat.
        The semi-conscious Odous felt as if he was drenched in water, in a place of peace and silence. He recalled what he had been through with Mufasa in the past. At that time, Odous had been overconfident in his strength. He never asked for help from anyone. It was not until he was defeated by the werewolf tribe that he realized his shortcomings. Luckily, he was saved by Mufasa. He then decided to follow Mufasa’s lead. The day they met had become an evergreen memory for Odous.
        Odous opened his eyes and found himself in crystal-clear water. He swam upwards wagging his tail and carefully walked to a nearby field. He was confident it was the forest neighbouring his tribe. Who saved him? As he wondered, a familiar gentle female voice spoke from behind, ‘You look gorgeous. It seems that your wounds are healing well.’ Odous turned back and saw a catwoman.
        Odous stared at the catwoman in confusion. She smiled and said, ‘Oh I forgot. That kid and Mufasa are the only spiritual beasts who have met us. My name is Tefnut, one of your creators.’ Odous realized what she meant and quickly knelt down. However, it stretched his wounds and inflicted intense pain. Tefnut stepped up to support him. He nervously seized her arms and asked, ‘What happened to Mufasa?’ Tefnut’s face dimmed and shooked her head. ‘No one can help him now.’ ‘I’d rather die than to give up on him!’ shouted Odous.
        As Odous turned to leave, a cat composed of water blocked his way. Telnut said, ‘If you want to help him, become stronger. Both your body and your mind.’ Odous remembered his last battle against Mufasa. He was no match for the demented Mufasa. ‘Now you should rest until your wounds have all healed up. You’re going to receive tough training.’ ‘I won’t run away no matter how tough it is!’ Odous answered firmly. She smiled in relief.
        Telnut taught Odous the techniques to control water elemental power. His body slowly recuperated thanks to her. One day, when he was training under the waterfall, explosions burst in the abandoned tribe. ‘Is it…?’ Telnut appeared as Odous walked out of the waterfall. She said, ‘Your friends have brought back the Ancestral Elements, but they were surrounded by enemies, unable to break free.’ ‘Why don’t you help them?’ ‘I can’t intervene in the dispute too much. I’ve done everything I’m allowed to.’ Odous tore off the bandages on his body and ran to his tribe. Telnut watched Odous run with compassionate eyes.
        Odous composed a water sword in his hands as he bounced through the forest. He flicked his sword and two gigantic water blades slashed through dozens of demon soldiers, killing them instantly. He strode over their bodies to Basti. ‘Odous!’ ‘We’ll talk later. Deal with the enemies first!’ Right at that moment, a huge hand descend upon them. Odous shot a water pillar at it to block the attack! ‘Interesting! Entertain me more!’ A giant Combatant stood in front of Odous. His unbreakable will to protect his friends was raging.

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