If not for the strange magic of Demons, Mark would not have created an error, let alone having “memory” and hence a “self”.

        At the moment, Mark’s gun had already locked on its target when the Demon transformed into a child. It jumped out of its fire range when Mark hesitated. Mark could not get within range again. It thought back of the previous scene, but only the Demon’s jump was still in his memory; not a trace of its transformation remained...From this, Mark determined that it was malfunctioning. To fix the problem, it had to find the person who gave it its power.

        In the past, Mark had never remembered. It only needed short-term memory to deal with matters at hand. However, to record errors, Mark started to “remember”; a “past” appeared in its life; Mark, living in the “present”, gradually realized its own “existence.”

        Before meeting another person, Mark did not have a name. Without a need to consume food or drink, he kept journeying in the world. He eliminated Demons while in his search for the possessor of godly power. Mark then met a female. She, like Mark itself, had a mechanical body; the only difference was that the female had a Human head on her neck. On her request, it made “Mark” its own name. The erudite female told Mark about the Lost Ruins and that its body might originate from there.

        The cyborg maiden calculated a trajectory for Mark to reach the Ruins. Mark flew into the clouds and met the mechanic guru, Court of Sagittarius, in the ancient city. It was hunting Demons in the Ruins, without an idea of the unexpected gains that awaited. Mark followed Court of Sagittarius and left the realm of Humans. He replaced Mark’s suit with a stronger one and helped it locate its maker — However, as time passed by, it no longer cared for the “error”. It accumulated memory and hence gained its self. Since then, Mark stayed with the Courts of Zodiacs and became one of Court of Sagittarius’ companions.

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