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        In the noisy night, two interlaced rays of light shot down the sky. A bright blue light landed in the middle of the Demon army, erupting into a ball of energy; the explosion of which created a gigantic crater on the ground. The other light, dark purple-hued, struck the defending army garrisoned in front of the fort; the malevolent light seemed to carve a strange smile on the ground. Warcries and explosions mixed with each other; fire and starlight lit the area. The land, overwhelmed by Demon soldiers, looked more like the sky than the sky itself.

        Agnesi hung inverted on the bottom of the fort, looking down at the “sky”: “Gretchen, when will you be ready for the next shot?”


        Gretchen’s intermittent voice rung from the transmitter. Agnesi called out for her a few times while she heard Midgley’s angry howl: “Agnesi! Stop absorbing power from the fort!” Slightly discontent, she grunted while pulling out the power duct from her body. Suddenly, myriad iron hooks shot at her. Agnesi detached herself from the fort and let herself fall. Just before she crashed, two flying war-puppets blew away some of the hooks, while the rest were melted by Agnesi’s fire-breathing mechanical arm. One of the puppets disintegrated in the air and reassembled on Agnesi’s body. Laughing maniacally, Agnesi ignited flames of Ancient Dragon Power from her chest; the web-like fire sphere enveloped Agnesi. She, in the fireball, flew and crashed into the Demon army, blazingly erupting in the shape of fiery wings in the black mass of soldiers.

        The other puppet flew to the battlefront, where Mark-II fought with a purple metal dragon. The dragon fired off its right claw to deal with Mark’s multiple hovering cannons. Despite their evasive maneuvers, they were destroyed one after another. With its saw-blade, Mark parried the attack from the dragon’s remaining claw, sending sparks flaring through the air. Having dealt with the cannons, the detached claw sneaked around to strike at Mark’s back; thankfully, Warlike Soldier Stinger parried it away. Mark took this opportunity to drive back the dragon with its finger cannons; suddenly, two pulse attacks from behind Mark pierced its cape, streaking off to the dragon. The dragon evaded only one of the pulses, but the other impacted and shattered its right knee.

        Stinger grabbed the chance to land on Mark’s shoulder. It opened its body, with its claws put in front as a supporting base. Just then, Lisa’s voice appeared in the scholars’ ears: “Now, it’s time to turn the tide.”

        Another ray of evil purple light was shot from the Demons’ army, but a blue and a golden pulse headed directly toward it. The pulses struck each other, the resulting elemental explosion blasted through the Demon army. Extending its arms against the ground, Mark pulled the cannons over his shoulders. “Elimination, start.” The six barrels blasted incessant shots —