Nathaniel grew up in the Kingdom of Knights amid the war, living under the shimmer of glamorous armors since he was born. In the palace he lived, the glint of glory pervaded the whole place. From his youngest days had he aspired to be a general who would save his people under the guidance of the sacred light. His parents taught him the glorious chivalric code: To pay and to sacrifice is to acquire a greater honor.

        “My good nephew, people are destined to perish, only sins and honor prevail.” Later, the old uncle could teach Nathaniel no further. He was in charge of assembling and recruiting armies throughout the kingdom, while Nathaniel would lead the recruits to the frontier. There, Nathaniel learned the cruelty of war and the foolish internal strifes of men, which led to the death of all his kins eventually. Thus, he inherited his title at a young age. On the battlefield, the human alliance was defending against both the Demons and Gods in the chaotic battle. Frenzied creatures and merciless deities devoured all lives. During a raid of the Demons, Nathaniel witnessed the soldiers’ sacrifices. Since them, bearing his kins’ teachings in mind, he swore an oath on his honor and joined the army to protect people alongside his soldiers.

        In one particular retreat, Nathaniel’s platoon was escorting the injured. In his brigade, the novice elementalist exerted herself distributing shields, the weary swordsman grabbed his sword with trembling hands, the young druid healed the wounded restlessly, and the necromancer purged the evil souls using her power... their selflessness convinced Nathaniel that humans must rely on themselves if there was to be any salvation for the race. He and his companions swore oaths to each other - they must dedicate themselves to ending the war.

        “For the glory of every King and soldier! We hereby pledge ourselves!” Later, Nathaniel was awarded the title of Marquess for his service: he always remembered his oath. He and his companions eventually parted ways, but they were still walking towards the other half of the tower and stepping into the light of Runestones, together.

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