Reaching a dead-end on his research about Ancient Dragon Power, Midgley lacked a way to grow stronger. He began to reflect on his past actions. He had been obsessed by power and forgot the original goal of his research. To be powerful, he killed a lot, which also unfortunately hurt himself.

        Midgley walked in an alley like a zombie when suddenly, a woman bumped into him. For a moment, Midgley was worried that his appearance would scare her, but the woman palpably did not realize his presence. She just murmured, “I didn’t kill him. I didn’t abandon him...” And she ran through the alley without looking back.

        Midgley did not care about the woman. In such a turbulent world, an insane lady was not a rare occurrence. In a dark corner of the alley, a dying baby suddenly came into Midgley’s sight. He approached to check on the baby and found that its pulse was weak and its breathing light. Midgley knew it was at the gate of death. When he turned to leave, he thought of the unbound possibility of Ancient Dragon Power. It might even be able to turn a person immortal...He looked back at the baby and thought it might be a wonderful test subject.

        Midgley put the baby into a container full of nutrition and Ancient Dragon Power. He was not sure if the power could grant a person immortality, but the baby’s life was at stake. He had no option but to give it a try...The next morning, Midgley went to check the result. The wounds on the baby were fully recovered. This marvellous discovery was more delightful than those related to magnificent power.

        “You’re saved! Thank me!” Midgley said in excitement.

        The baby was placed in a completely sealed container. Midgley could not know if it was conscious or had given any response. To test the result of his experiment, he created a puppet to move and talk for it...

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