A skinny man, leaning against a rock, groaned with pain. He tossed and turned, covered in sweat. After a while, as the pain had eventually gone, Masamune took a deep breath.
        “The paroxysm is getting serious...I’m running out of time,” Masamune wiped the sweat. Three months ago, he consulted a doctor due to an unbearable stomach ache. The diagnosis was bad, and his life expectancy was only six months left.
        “Darn it! It’s not enough…” Masamune grabbed his blinder tight and wore a smile, “However, as long as I survive on this island for 28 days, I can get what I want.”
        On the island, Masamune met Shingen, a burly man, when fighting with the mad men. They cooperated in taking the enemies down. Shingen had invited him to the team after showing Masamune his basecamp. At first, Masamune was not really interested. However, he changed his mind after seeing Musashi, the dual swordsman, who was the rival he could not wait to battle with. Unfortunately, things did not turn out as he wished because of that person——
        “Masamune, where are you?” a girl shouted, which interrupted his pondering. Kojiro, who dressed in unisex clothing, showed up. She was one of the team, and the one hindering Masamune from battling with Musashi. “What’s the matter?” Masamune controlled his disgust at her. “Go hunting with me. Actually, I don’t want to go with you at all, because we’re either attacked by enemies or ambushed everytime we hunt. Overall, it’s bad.”
        Although Kojiro grumbled, she still went hunting with Masamune in the woods. They soon spotted a boar when peeping from the rocks. When she gave a signal, the two of them attacked from both sides and caught the prey. On the way back to the base camp, they were surrounded by a bunch of mad men.
        “Let’s take a detour. We’re outnumbered.” As Kojiro was going to turn around, Masamune, shrouded in an ominous purple mist, ignored her and charged at them, shooting with his hand gun. “Hahaha! Bring it on! I’ll put a bullet in your head!”
        The mad men swarmed towards them; Kojiro was forced to fight. Having been through considerable hardship, the enemies were all down. Kojiro and Masamune headed back to the camp covered with injuries.
        “The blood...are you okay?” Musashi was stunned as he limped towards them. At this moment, Kojiro could hardly contain herself. “Why did you rush out? It’s dangerous! We almost got killed!” She rebuked for his impulsiveness as she grabbed his collar.
        “Aren’t you excited about it——the pleasure you get when your life is threatened. Aren’t you enjoying this feeling when battling with Musashi?” “You...are such a maniac!” Kojiro let go of him. Masamune wore a weird smile, staring at Musashi, as if he was looking at a prey.
        “At least, I’m useful than that injured guy, right?” “What did you just say?” Kojiro freaked out, but she was stopped by Musashi. “Sorry, I’ll make up for the team after I recovered. But, duelling is for the pursuit of true martial arts, not what you’re looking for,” he stared at Masamune and said.
        “Is that so? I thought you and I are alike.” Masamune went to the river nearby to wash his gun. “He used to pursue the excitement in battles, but now he lost his desire because of Kojiro. there any way to wake him up?”
        “I can make your wish come true.” Suddenly, someone answered behind him. Masamune crouched down promptly, with his gun pointing at a smiling man Hattori.
        “It’s you...What’s the matter?” Masamune remained alert to him when putting back his gun.
        “You want to duel with Musashi...No, to be precise, you love killing and pushing your limits.” “...How do you know? Who are you?”
        “It’s not important. All you need to know is I can fulfill your wish.” Hattori gave a bag to Masamune, “Put it into the food. Soon you’ll get what you want.”
        Hattori left. Masamune remained confused about the bag, then he sprinkled some into the river. The fish killed each other after eating the powders; the water was full of corpses before long. “Great! Soon everyone will become savage and bloodthirsty, slaying each other. Then, I can get my pleasure in killing!” Masamune grinned.

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