Bao Si hiked to the peak of a hill next to a prosperous country, who was pacing back and forth out of nervousness. “Where’s sister...I did send a minion to notify her...Is she ditching me? Oh! There she is,” she mumbled to herself.

        A breathtaking beauty descended from the sky, landing as light as a feather. Her mesmerizing gaze was holding at Bao Si standing in front of her.

        The beauty scanned at Bao Si with a hint of surprise, and said, “Bao Si...You’ve changed a lot.”

        “Of course. I’ve spent so much effort in refining my power. I ain’t gonna waste the life that saved by you.”

        When Bao Si was little, her parents were killed by some ascetics; In the life-and-death moment, the little Bao Si was saved by Daji the vixen. Ever since then, Bao Si had been treating Daji like her parent, following her around.

        The carefree Daji had never rejected this little companion; Yet when Daji had been growing stronger and stronger, Bao Si was still weak and fragile like before. Until one day, Bao Si had become a liability to Daji in a battle. And that marked the separation of the two elves.

        The separation didn’t mean a big deal to Daji, for the presence of Bao Si was not essential. Bao Si had been long forgotten after Daji’s encounter with Jiang Ziya. She never thought of Bao Si until a message received few days ago.

        The old Daji surely wouldn’t care about an invitation like this, but Daji had become tender inside after following Jiang Ziya. His moral lessons had taught her the concept of kindness, which also led her to the peak.

        Yet the drastic change of Bao Si brought an ominous feeling to Daji. “Effort in refining? I’m not stupid. You ate humans. I can see that,” said Daji grimly.

        “I knew that nothing could fool you. I’ll do anything and everything to reach your level...No, to be like you.”

        “Well that part hasn’t changed though,” said Daji with her charming gaze, dazzling Bao Si to obsession; Daji continued, “why did you invite me here?”

        “I’m presenting you an impressive performance,” said Bao Si, closing her palms together. Her gaze sparkled like a girl blossoming in love.

        Conjuring the power within, Bao Si consolidated the fire element into a gigantic fireball. She waved her hand to launch the fireball at the country nearby. Very soon, a hellish disaster of fire was lit up, as if it was pre-designed for the incident.

        The whole country was burning fiercely; Painful screams of citizens were loud enough to be heard by Bao Si and Daji.

        “Why did you do this?” Daji confronted Bao Si for her brutal act.

        “I heard that you loved torturing humans, so I planned this largest torture, just for you,” said Bao Si, dancing cheerfully on her own. She was delighted to laughter when she heard the horrifying screams of the people.

        “I’ve put so much effort to make this happen. I seduced the emperor to steal his throne. Then I made the command to build canals and walls surrounding the land, pouring oil into the canals. After all the preparation, all I need to do is to cast a spell to burn these people to death,” explained Bao Si.

        Bao Si stopped the dance and asked Daji, “sister, does that make you happy?”

        The excited Bao Si expected Daji’s compliment, but it never happened.

        “Nonsense!” Daji yelled at Bao Si, and she continued, “I don’t feel happy for this nonsense crap. Seeing something like this disgusts me!”


        A sudden sparkle at the sky interrupted the upcoming confrontation of Bao Si. Riding a Sibuxiang, a man in amber clothes arrived next to Daji. Daji’s look changed once she saw the man; The vibe of affection could be sensed from Daji.

        “Jiang Shang, why are you here?” Daji asked in a lovely tone.

        “Master sensed a disaster happening in the realm, and he sent me to investivage, My goodness...this is cruel. Daji, come help me,” explained Jiang Ziya.

        The man Jiang Ziya focused on the burning country without noticing the glare from Bao Si.

        “Sister fell in love with this man…”

        There was no way for clever creature like Bao Si to miss this clue. The anger boiling in Bao Si soon turned into murderousness.

        Bao Si wrapped her legs up with fire, launching herself at Jiang Ziya; Her sucker punch failed as Daji had been watching her all along. Daji spread her nine tails to ward Bao Si off with dark element.

        Jiang Ziya summoned Sibuxiang, bumping Bao Si to few feets away.

        “Considering our friendship in the old days, I can take your attack against Jiang Shang in good part this time. If you ever do that again, I swear I’ll smite you,” Daji warned Bao Si coldly.

        Daji’s cold words brutally hurt Bao Si like a knife, but it was also true that she didn’t stand a chance against Daji. She reluctantly held back her rage and fled the scene.

        “Damn it...That man must have bewitched Daji. She’s not a coward like that. I will save her!”

        A fire of determination was lit up in Bao Si’s gaze.

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