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        Born in a wealthy family, Mastema was a beloved daughter since her birth; she always got everything she wanted, and she was never scolded by anyone.

        Later when Mastema and the other Demons arrived at the realms, she was forced by Belial to perform all kinds of work she was reluctant to do — fighting filthy werewizards, handling foolish sticky slimes. Mastema had once thought about assembling a counterforce to revolt against Belial, yet she soon realized that other Demons were either extremely loyal to Belial, or fearful to confront him. Although Mastema did not want to obey Belial, his power was far more stronger than hers, against whom she knew she was no match.

        Though she had accepted all the missions assigned by Belial, Mastema kept dawdling over them. As she was skillful in hiding, Belial’s subordinates were unable to find her. One day, while she was hiding in a tree hole, a power suddenly dragged her out of the tree.

        “Mastema, you need me to come here for you in person; what an honorable lady you are, huh?”


        Before Mastema could react, Belial had conjured his demonic power, and pushed her against the tree trunk; even though she struggled desperately, she was unable to escape. Just then, Belial intensified his demonic power, conjuring numerous illusive knives to slash Mastema’s body! She was racked with extreme pain, prompting the thought of dying instead; yet, no matter how she begged, Belial did not show any mercy.

        As the torture went on, Mastema began to feel numb to the pain, then the knives vanished. Yet the demonic power gripping her did not disappear; instead, it squeezed her even tighter, choking her breath out of her. She almost fainted from pain; but now, another kind of suffering prevented her from losing her consciousness...

        “You haven’t finished any of the tasks you have promised. Does it mean you are incapable, or you are unwilling to finish them?”

        “I’m just... waiting for... the right timing...”

        “Hmph! This is your last chance. Next time I won’t let you have the time to explain anymore.” Belial swung his hand, and finally Mastema was released from the pain.

        Discontent grew as she watched Belial walking away. Rage began to rise within her.

        “I won’t let you treat me this way anymore!” She roared to the sky. Her demonic power erupted, reducing all around her to dust.

        Mastema took a deep breath to calm herself. Even if she hated Belial so much that she would like to tear him into pieces, she knew she did not have the power to defeat him all by herself. Therefore Mastema began mapping out a plan to overthrow Belial...