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17.3 Primal Deities Story Ch. 1

        Storm was raging; unable to withstand the devastating hurricane, the shabby houses were all blown down, causing villagers to run for their lives. A kid, tripped by the adults, was about to be buried alive by the falling rocks. In a split second, someone flashed by and saved him from death. Then the two of them landed on slope away from the village.

        “Alright, we’re safe here,” said Shennong, the man who saved the kid. As the kid departed safely, Shennong stared at the two blazes of scarlet light in the sky. Having been resting peacefully, the unusual surge happening currently gave Shennong an unspoken terror.

        An earthquake happened all of a sudden; Shennong was stumbled to kneeling on the ground. Meanwhile, the two blazes of scarlet light crashed into somewhere afar, covering the realm with a bloody-red aurora. When the aurora was slightly faded, an enormous, robust man hurried his way to Shennong.

        “Shennong, I have a bad feeling. We need to go there quickly,” the robust man said.

        Shennong and the robust man surged their power and soared into the air, heading to the crashing spot. All they could find there was a burnt land with two gigantic light globes. The soil touched by the globes was turned into a deadly darkness, and the globes were spreading in opposite directions slowly.

        “Shennong, you two arrived finally,” said a tanned, pink-haired lady who was accompanied by a few comrades. Standing next to Shennong, the lady gazed at the scene below with a frown.

        “If this goes on, all the creatures on the realm will be exterminated,” said the lady.

        “This is all our fault...If we could stop her back then…No, it’s too late to feel guilty. Let’s try our best to fix it by sealing this power together!”

        As Shennong made a proposal to his comrades, the robust man gave an awkward look.

        “This too powerful. I’m afraid that we can’t crush it just by applying force externally,” said the robust man, rubbing his beard. “This will work only if someone strikes together at the center of the scarlet light, but——”

        “I’ll do it,” said Shennong decisively. All his comrades didn’t reject his demand as they felt his determination. Conjuring his power, Shennong armored himself with earth element.

        “I must prevent the tragedy from happening this time!” Swearing to himself, Shennong sprinted into the light globe transformed by the scarlet light. Yet his ambition was soon challenged——countless light blades targeting at Shennong hostilely.

        Razor-sharp blades opened up wounds on Shennong, but he didn’t fall back for that. Instead, his battle spirit burnt even fiercer, consolidating earth element into a harp in his palm. As he played the string, the tune transformed into multiple energy waves to shatter the incoming light blades. He then blasted his way to the center of the globe.

        When Shennong stuck the harp into the soil, countless roots grew from harp to all over the burnt land. Without catching a breath, he transfused his power into it as much as he could. As this moment, a soothing emerald light shone, penetrating all the way to his comrades outside the globe.

        “Get ready!” The robust man commanded as soon as Shennong arrived at the center; When the others struck the globe, a sharp noise and sparkles were produced as multiple energy sources were squeezing at the globe.

        The scarlet light gradually diminished in the tug of war. Eventually it vanished after surging a final flash.

        “Huff...We...we’ve stopped the apocalypse...The power has returned to normal...Great…”

        Shennong looked at the clear sky; he cried tears of joy when he felt the rich element flowing in the air. As tears swelled up in his eye, something caught his attention through the blurred vision.

        “Are” Shennong gazed at two petite figure lying on the burnt land——it was a pair of toddlers, with a boy and a girl. They were seemingly asleep on the ground.

        The robust man and the other comrades arrived later on. Lifting Shennong up, the robust man approached the kids and said in surprise, “These two kids are…”

        “They are the creatures born from the scarlet light...They are the lives with extraordinary power...They’re gods, the primal gods of this realm.”

        Shennong carried the kids and looked at them with love, as if he had finally found something to believe in.

        “I must protect them. This is my only redemption.”

        Later on, Shennong and his comrades departed for different purposes. As for the two kids, they were named Nüwa and Fuxi by Shennong. Since then, the man embarked on the journey to the east with two kids, while teaching the mortals with celestial magic along the way…