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        When Matryoshka once again saw light, she discovered that she was put on an open field surrounded by junk. She could do nothing but sigh at the sky, as she was a nesting doll, a mere toy to please children. Alive or dead, everything possessed an individual mindset, and even a toy like Matryoshka had thoughts.

        That day, she was chosen by her master in a craft shop. Her master brought her home. She did not have a name back then.

        “Dad! Present!” A boy yelled to Matryoshka’s new master.

        “You little brat. Fine, you can have this for your birthday present.” Her master replied annoyedly.

        The new master handed Matryoshka to the boy, who grabbed it and ran.

        “Thanks, dad!”

        “Treasure your toy this time. If you break it, I’m not buying you toys anymore.”

        The little boy returned to his room with the nesting doll in his arms. He tore open the wrapping and carved “Matryoshka” on her with something pointed. Delighted, the boy put her on the middle story of a shelf.

        “You’ll be Matryoshka from now on!”

        The boy left his room, bouncing in joy. Upon seeing him leave, Matryoshka moved. Just then, a doll on the upper story suddenly talked. Matryoshka raised her head and saw a ragged doll sitting there.

        “Don’t attempt to draw his attention.”

        “Trust me, or you’ll regret it.”

        Matryoshka did not heed its warning. She captured the boy’s attention with her most beautiful layer. For the first few days, the little boy did indeed enjoy playing with her, but this did not last. When the boy was given new toys, he put Matryoshka onto the top shelf.

        “He forgets about his old toys when he has new ones.”

        “I told you not to draw his attention.”

        Matryoshka still ignored that toy. A few days later, the boy played with his new toys, and did not even gave Matryoshka a single glimpse. From that moment, Matryoshka realized: she was abandoned. Just then, the boy inadvertently bumped into the shelf, knocking off Matryoshka. Her outermost layer shattered and each of her arms and legs broke. The boy looked at her for a mere moment before throwing her into the trash.

        “Why are you sighing?” A girl circled by light spheres asked Matryoshka. Matryoshka was exceptionally curious about the girl in front of her: why does the girl seem to know she was sighing? No Human could hear their voice.

        “Do you wish to have a life of your own?” The little girl asked another question. She picked up Matryoshka, and saw the name on her body.

        “Matryoshka? Live a unique life and fulfill your wish!”

        One of the light spheres flew at Matryoshka, merging into her body...