“May Lily, I’m leaving now. Watch out for our home. Don’t let strangers come in and be careful when you use fire——”

        “Keep talking and you’re gonna be late.”

        “Right. Looks like May Lily is more reliable than daddy. See you tonight then.”

        No one would have expected that it was the last time they saw each other.

        Next day, May Lily was informed that his father sacrificed himself to save Welwitschia the king, who was severely injured by an assassination outside the enchantment. He didn’t cry and collapse, but remained silent and refused to eat. Few days later, his body started withering.

        “I can’t find the reason for living. Just let me wither and reunite with my parents in the embrace of Mother Tree,” May Lily thought as he stared at the gigantic tree afar. Later on, someone came to visit him.

        Accompanied by guards, Welwitschia came to May Lily and said, “I’m sorry for what happened to your father.”

        “Save it. My father won’t come back no matter how many times you apologize.”

        “How dare you kid——”

        “Stop,” Welwitschia cut off.

        “You’re right. There’s no way that I can bring your father back, but I must return the favour for his sacrifice. It’s my responsibility to look after you. I can’t let you wither.”

        Welwitschia then took May Lily back to the palace to save him from dying. Despite the treatment arranged for him, he remained stubborn and refused to receive medication. No elves could change his mind until he met Cornflower.

        This day. May Lily laid on bed to kill time as usual. Later on, some noises sounded from the hallway.

        “Your highness! The class is about to begin! Please stop running!”

        “I don’t want your boring class!”

        “It’s the third prince...Looks like he’s a spoiled kid, but I don’t care as long as he doesn’t bother me——” May Lily’s thought was interrupted by the barged window. The moment he saw the eye-catching blue, his dull world was brightened up.

        Cornflower the third prince, whose hair was cornflower blue, closed the window immediately and signalled May Lily to keep quiet. Peeping through the slit, he was relieved when he confirmed the teacher had left. At this moment, he leaned close to May Lily out of curiosity, provoking him.

        “Get out now.”

        “With the thing you just said, I ain’t going anywhere.” Then Cornflower sat at the bedside and made May Lily listen to his grumbles, until he was discovered by his teacher.

        May Lily thought this was the end, but it wasn’t. Next day, Cornflower came over again. Since that day, the two boys had been together all the time. Although it was Cornflower who talked most of the time, May Lily gradually started anticipating his visit. One day, Cornflower saw the medicine left on the table,

        “Your body is withering. You’ll die if you don’t take your medication,” said Cornflower.

        “What’s the purpose of living while all my beloved elves are gone?”

        “Mmm...If you don’t want to live, then I’ll have your life!”


        Cornflower stood up proudly and reached his hand towards May Lily.

        “I’ll take your life, and you’ll live for me.”

        Reflecting the sunlight, his blue hair reminded May Lily of the sky he had seen during the travel with his father. He was fascinated by the boundless view.

        “Even if I’m the youngest son, I’ll earn the throne with my intelligence and courage. So standing by me will be your purpose of living!” Cornflower grinned confidently.

        “...You’re arrogant. I’ve never seen such a cocky kid like you,” said May Lily, bursting into laughter.

        “You want my life? Sure. I have nothing else to do anyway. I’ll live and stand by you.”

        Next second, May Lily knelt down, putting Cornflower’s hand on his forehead.

        “I, May Lily, do solemnly swear that I will dedicate my life to Prince Cornflower.”

        “I feel kinda awkward when you make this whole serious,” said Cornflower, scratching his head in the way his age would behave.

        “Father, maybe this is the fate of our kind, living on other elves’ dream,” May Lily said to his father in the embrace of Mother Tree.

        With a purpose of living, May Lily picked up where he had left off and started his treatment, growing up with Cornflower. He thought that their wishes would come true if life just went on the same way, but Cornflower was defeated by Sakura’s accident. Ever since Sakura had been in coma, Cornflower had stopped all the work to stay with her. Standing at the doorway, May Lily had a tough feeling as he stared at the Cornflower once sparkled in confidence.

        “I’ll put you on the throne, for this is my purpose of living.”

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