In a spacious room, there was no other furniture except a queen-size bed in the center. Someone was sleeping, covered with a light-blue blanket.

        That person tossed and turned on the bed, and finally threw the sheet away, showing a mess of brown, curly hair. Alice the petite girl, with a pair of black eyes, pulled a long face. She pouted her lips and said in a weak tone, “I...I...can’t...sleep…”

        “Sigh, my head keeps worrying about Woodbury, not sure if she will make any trouble again...How can I possibly sleep...” Not long ago, Alice’s sister Woodbury came to visit her in Wonderland.

        At that time, Alice had suffered from insomnia for a week. She tried hard to put her to sleep, but soon was woken up. Therefore, she was in a bad mood. Hearing the crazily stupid idea of Woodbury that she was planning to go on a picnic on the clouds, Alice censured her for such absurdity. As a result, Woodbury was provoked, saying that she was going to prove it to Alice.

        Then, although Alice tried to sleep again, Woodbury’s recklessness was unsettling. She heaved a deep sigh, got out of the bed and summoned Mad Hatter after getting changed.

        “How may I help you, Ms. Alice?”
        “Find Woodbury’s whereabouts and what she’s doing.”

        “Understood.” Mad Hatter gathered soldiers to investigate in the Wonderland. Before long, a pawn reported, “Ms. Woodbury is in her residence. It seems she’s making some kind of flying tool and preparing to pilot.”

        “Flying tool...Em, I have a bad feeling about this...I better take a look myself.” Alice set out from the Wonderland to Woodbury’s place. Suddenly, a huge noise was sent from the sky during her halfway through the destination. There was a flying tool falling down, on which she saw a familiar person —— her sister Woodbury.

        “Sure enough, something goes wrong!” Alice unleashed water elemental power to boost her in the air. Then, she saw someone is fighting with a giant bird.

        “She is...Doris!” Alice soon recognized her elder sister, who then turned around and sprinted towards the crashing location of the flying tool. However, the giant bird still kept chasing.

        “Don’t you dare to hurt my sisters!” Alice summoned a water elemental sphere and cast over the enemy.

        “Quack——!” It hit the target, letting out a scream of pain. The bird flew away. Alice, who was used up, knelt down on the ground, gasping for breath. “Wheeze...I made it…”

        She took a rest, and then headed straight towards the crashing site. Soon, Alice saw Doris and Woodbury ahead, but she stopped her move after listening to Woodbury’s words.

        “...Because I have to prove that we can sit on the clouds!” She expressed her dissatisfaction with Alice to Doris.

        “Woodbury was too angry. No matter what I say, she’s not going to give up. Now even Doris is involved in this thing. I guess I can’t stop them from flying anymore…Sigh, I’ll just follow then.” Alice returned to the Wonderland for collecting some necessary metal parts.

        Standing on the pile of components, she used water elemental power to wrap these things up. Giving off soft light, the parts stacked up automatically as if they were alive, which finally became a little metal airship.

        “Alright, I have to get going. Otherwise, bad things will happen again...Yawn...I’m so sleepy…” Feeling fatigue, Alice went on board, catching up her sisters...

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