In a sunny day, a girl was following a petite iron toy into a lush forest.

        “Ms. Doris, please mind your footsteps. It has been raining for a whole week. The soil becomes wet and soft, which is easy to slip on it,” Hamel advised.

        “No problem. I’ll be careful. It has been a long time since I saw Woodbury. Let’s hurry!” Doris walked on tiptoes and hopped agilely in the narrow path like a bunny.

        When they passed through the woods, a deafening mechanic noise reached their ears. Both of them held their footsteps immediately.

        “What’s the noise,” asked Dories. Hamel shook its head with a confused look. While they were still pondering over this matter, the noise was getting closer and closer. At the same time, wind blow in gusts, and they were covered by a giant shadow.

        “Hey sister, you’ve come!” A familiar girl’s voice came from above. Doris got a foothold facing such strong wind and looked up——

        “Woodbury! Why are you flying in the sky...What’s that bird-like machine?” Doris saw her sitting in a giant flying machine made of metal. This thing was giving off a sharp noise as same as what they had heard just before.

        “This is my new invention - flying machine. I’m piloting it to the sky,” Woodbury answered excitedly.

        When she wanted to ask further, there was a huge bird creature going into a dive against Woodbury all of a sudden. “Behind you,” Doris shouted.

        “What——Ahh!” Woodbury did not have time to take any action. She was hit by the creature and the flying machine was crashing to the ground.

        “Woodbury! Darn it…” Doris, gritting her teeth, glared at the enemy in anger.

        “Quack! Quack!” The giant bird gave a victorious tweet, as if it successfully defended against the intruder from its territory. Doris really wanted to take revenge on it, but the most imminent thing was to save Woodbury.

        “Hamel! Go ask the toys for help!”
        “Alright, Ms. Woodbury.” Hamel was ordered to bring reinforcement; Doris then ran towards the crashing site.

        After a while, she saw the flying machine lie on a lake. Woodbury, who was drenched to the skin, fainted beside it. Then, Doris sped up to help her up.

        “Woodbury! Are you okay?”
        “...Darn that bastard bird...I’m going to roast it like a chicken!” Woodbury screamed, opening her eyes wide. Doris finally felt relieved when she saw Woodbury is still full of energy.

        “Glad that you’re fine...Why are you risking your life to fly in the sky suddenly?”
        “I need to prove that we can sit on the clouds!” Woodbury explained everything to her.

        After knowing the truth, Doris found it intriguing. “I see, but it seems interesting! I want to know if we can actually sit on the clouds too...Alright, let me help!”

        “Didn’t you just get knocked down by the bird? We need to build a weapon.”
        “Weapon...but I’m not sure what to do…”
        “I’ll handle this. You can count on me,” Doris showed a confident smile.

        Afterwards, Hamel and its toy troops had arrived. Instructed by Doris, they carried the flying machine to Woodbury’s residence. Then, Doris took a look at the remaining materials in the house, got a pen and drew a blueprint right away.

        Woodbury commanded the toy troops to put the metals in order. After everything was set, Doris had a final check. Then she raised a pistol and gathered elemental power.

        When fire elements were unleashed, the metals on the ground started melting because of the high temperature. With the elemental power, they began to fuse together. Soon, it became a giant pistol-like weapon miraculously.

        “Phew, we did it. Attach it to our flying machine. Then, we don’t need to be afraid of that annoying bird anymore.” Doris and Woodbury smiled at each other, ready for the journey to the sky...

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