A girl in a fancy dress was walking in the forest while holding a lace umbrella. She looked upon the blue sky; patches of clouds sailed across it, which was indeed a pleasing moment.

        “The weather is fine. I’m almost bored to death at home after a whole rainy week.”

        “Ms. Woodbury, what are you planning to do today” a petite iron toy Hamel asked respectfully as it followed her behind.

        “Em...I’ve made lots of desserts to pass the time this week...But you can’t eat...Right! Let’s invite sisters to go on a picnic!”

        Woodbury pointed at the sky with her finger excitedly, “Picnic on the clouds!”

        Then, she started preparing right away, ordering the toy troops to send an invitation to Doris while she would be heading the Wonderland to find Alice.

        “Alice is too lazy. I guess I have to do it in person in order to force her to join.” Woodbury knew her sisters well. That’s why she had made such an arrangement.

        Soon, she arrived at the entrance to the Wonderland. Led by a pawn, they came to the bedroom of Alice.

        The sun has risen, but Alice was still deeply asleep, without any sign of waking up at all. Woodbury walked straight towards the bed, standing with arms akimbo. “Wake up,’ she took a deep breath and shouted loudly.

        “Who is’s noisy…” Alice woke up from a dream with a dispirited and pale looking face, probably because of insomnia. She gazed at Woodbury who as in good spirits.

        “Sister, let’s go on a picnic on the clouds!”
        “Sigh...what are you talking about...We can’t sit on the clouds...will fall.”
        “Impossible! Don’t you see the size of those clouds? It’s huge! We can absolutely sit on it.”
        “Woodbury, don’t be lost in your daydream. Otherwise, you’ll never grow up.”
        “I’m not a kid anymore and this is not a fantasy. I’ll prove it to you!”

        Woodbury was in a good mood when she came to the Wonderland, but the way Alice threw cold water on her idea had irritated her. Then, she walked out of the Wonderland in fury and back to her residence.

        After going home, she immediately gathered all the toy troops for collecting metals. In order to build a flying machine, Woodbury looked through various books to get necessary information.

        “As long as I can flying to the sky, I can jump on the clouds. By that time, I’ll prove it to Alice that I’m right and I’m not a kid anymore!”

        Before long, the toy troops had gathered enough metals. Under her instructions, they put the materials in a correct order.

        Woodbury took a look at the metals and made sure they were placed according to the book. She gather elemental power; dazzling rays of light were turned into speckles attaching to the surface of those metals. Then, they moved automatically and began to fuse together.

        “Phew...alright, it’s done!” Woodbury nodded with a satisfied look.
        “Let’s find somewhere to fly that machine!”

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